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The first quarter of this year has passed, and the weak operating situation of the domestic stainless steel market does not seem to have been fundamentally changed. Operators do not seem to place much hope on the market situation in the two quarters, thinking that the whole market will not improve much, but it will be better than the first quarter, and the second half will be stronger than the first half. However, the possible uncertain variables still need attention

according to the feedback of some steel traders in the operation, since this year, the domestic stainless steel market is still weak and sluggish, the price fluctuates, the consolidation goes down, the transaction is flat, and the trading situation of traders is poor. At the end of March, the market price of 400 series stainless steel in many parts of China fell by different ranges. For example, the price of 430 series stainless steel in Wuxi and Foshan markets was adjusted downward, and the quotation of 430 stainless steel cold coil was reduced to yuan/ton. In some areas, the available resources of stainless steel are relatively tight, some specifications are out of stock and out of stock, and the quotation of merchants is slightly higher, at RMB/ton

The market price of 304 series stainless steel also fell slightly. For example, at the end of March and the beginning of April, the price of 304 series stainless steel cold coil in Foshan market fell by 100 yuan/ton, the quotation of 2.0mm-3.0mm stainless steel cold coil was yuan/ton, and the market quotation of 4.0mm, 8.0mm and 12.0mm stainless steel hot rolled plate was 17900 yuan/ton, 18100 yuan/ton and 18600 yuan/ton respectively

similarly, the market price of 200 series stainless steel is low. This is because the effective demand of downstream terminals is weak, and merchants take goods at low prices for promotion. On April 1, 200 series stainless steel in Wuxi Market: 1.0mm-3.0mm201/2b volume price 11300 yuan/ton, 3.0mm201/no.1 volume price 10700 yuan/ton

on the whole, the stainless steel market price in March was in a volatile downward channel, with a lot of decline in a month. Compared with the end of last month, the price of 304 series stainless steel cold coil actively participated fell by 1100 yuan/ton, and the price of stainless steel hot coil fell by 700 yuan/ton; The price of 430 series stainless steel cold coil fell by 700 yuan/ton, and the price of cold plate fell by 200 yuan/ton; The price of 200 series stainless steel fell first yuan/ton

in April, the domestic stainless steel market still did not improve. On the first trading day in April, the cold rolling price of 430 series stainless steel in Foshan market fell by 100 yuan/ton, and the transaction was still not smooth. Traders were not confident in the future market, and chose to take goods at a low price in operation, so the price quotation of 400 series stainless steel fell slightly

operators predict that there will be no new improvement in the stainless steel market in the second quarter. At present, the uncertain impact on the stainless steel market still exists, mainly reflected in:

first, there is no obvious sign that the effective demand of downstream terminals has not been released, and there is a lack of power to support the rising price of the stainless steel market. At present, domestic investment in manufacturing, real estate and railway construction has declined. The purchasing managers' index (PMI) of China's manufacturing industry in March 2012 released by the China Federation of logistics and purchasing and the service industry survey center of the National Bureau of statistics was 53.1%, up 2.1 percentage points from the previous month, but 8 industries such as special equipment manufacturing, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing, and textile industry were less than 50%. The demand intensity of these industries for stainless steel is still weak, the downstream demand has never improved, the market transaction is flat, traders have a strong sense of risk aversion, and choose low price promotion

second, the raw material market price fluctuates, and the rigid cost support power is insufficient. The market of nickel, chromium and manganese, the main raw materials of stainless steel, has been unstable, and the price fluctuates constantly. Recently, the market prices of ferrochromium and ferromanganese in the domestic market continued to fall by 200 yuan/ton, the price of high-carbon ferrochromium fell to yuan/base ton, and the price of high-carbon ferromanganese was yuan/ton


plme nickel market fell steadily all the way. At 5:00 p.m. London time on Friday (March 30), the LME three-month nickel price closed at $17830/ton, down $345/ton from last Friday's close, and the week of expanding international production capacity cooperation fell by 1.9%. This paper mainly summarizes the types, structural characteristics and the performance of biomedical materials used in Ophthalmology, with emphasis on optical lens column materials and scaffold materials, intraocular lens materials, artificial vitreous materials, artificial eye prosthesis and artificial eye materials, artificial lacrimal passage and tear materials, corneal contact lens materials and ophthalmic drug carrier materials used in artificial cornea, Looking forward to the development direction of biomedical ophthalmic materials, insiders believe that there are many uncertain factors affecting the price of nickel in the later stage, and the price will continue to fluctuate. For example, at present, LME nickel inventory has increased significantly, 2142 tons more than last week, with a total inventory of 99882 tons, while China has significantly increased ferronickel production capacity. On March 20, the first batch of ferronickel was successfully produced by a company in Shanxi, marking the official operation of the largest ferronickel production project in Shanxi Province. Another ferronickel project with a total investment of 11billion yuan was also officially signed, with an annual output of 1million tons of ferronickel. According to the recent analysis of the future trend of primary nickel and nickel pig iron at the Shanghai Nickel Industry Chain Summit Forum, it is believed that the mainstream range of nickel prices this year will remain at US dollars/ton. In addition, India adjusted the tariff of chromium nickel ore and canceled the basic tariff of imported nickel ore. After the adjustment, the tariff on equipment required for the establishment or substantial expansion of iron ore pellet plants and iron ore dressing plants was reduced to 2.5%. The export tariff of chromium ore and its concentrate was changed from the previous specific tariff of 3000 rupees per ton to 30% ad valorem tariff. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the market conditions of major raw materials such as nickel and chromium in the future, especially the release of global nickel production capacity and excess supply in the nickel market. These will have a direct impact on the production cost of stainless steel and the operation situation of the stainless steel market

third, the ex factory price adjustment of stainless steel in steel mills will affect the stainless steel market in the second quarter. Due to the continuous weakness of the stainless steel market and poor sales, the inventory of stainless steel market in some regions has increased, and the sales pressure has increased. The steel mills are not optimistic about the future market, so they continue to adjust the ex factory price of stainless steel. Recently, many steel mills issued the ex factory price policy of stainless steel in April, among which the ex factory price of 304 series cold-rolled stainless steel was reduced by 1500 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of hot-rolled stainless steel was reduced by 1000 yuan/ton. Some large steel enterprises' prices in April: the ex factory prices of nickel series stainless steels have also been reduced, of which the cold rolling prices of 304 series stainless steels have been reduced to 19620 yuan/ton, with a month on month decrease of 880 yuan/ton; The hot rolling price of 304 series stainless steel was 19400 yuan/ton, down 400 yuan/ton month on month, and chromium series stainless steel remained flat for the time being. This will drive the stainless steel market price in the spot market to continue to fluctuate downward

operators and insiders believe that in view of the existence of the above uncertainties, the domestic stainless steel market in April and even the second quarter will not be significantly improved, the whole market is difficult to improve, and the price is consolidated at a low level, and the possibility of significant rise seems not to be great. However, there is limited room for the stainless steel market price to fall, because the current stainless steel market price has entered the bottom, and the profitability of the steel plant has been significantly reduced. Coupled with the pressure of costs, this has largely curbed the decline of future stainless steel prices. If the market demand situation improves in the second quarter, with the support of the release of effective terminal demand, the price of stainless steel may rebound at the bottom

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