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Shenyang: "non toxic paint water" fish culture five hours turned white belly

Shenyang: "non toxic paint water" fish culture five hours turned white belly

June 19, 2012

[China paint information] water energy fish culture mixed with paint? No one can believe such a fact unless he has seen it with his own eyes. 6 Wuxi Zhongke Guangyuan biomaterials Co., Ltd., which has a large number of applications, launched a promotional activity in a nationally renowned brand paint shop on June 16 and 17: in front of customers, they mixed "environmental protection paint" into the fish tank, and several goldfish swam around in milk like liquid...

promoter: paint environmental protection can raise fish

citizen Ms. Huang's new house is being decorated and is in the paint stage. Because there are children at home, she and her husband are running around. In the face of many paint brands and many publicity concepts, the couple are "hoodwinked": which brand of paint is really environmentally friendly

"I learned from the above that people who often smell the smell of low-quality paint are prone to respiratory diseases and even leukemia. Therefore, choosing environmentally friendly paint has become the primary requirement for our selection." Ms. Huang said, "although we checked a lot of information, it is too professional to understand many concepts. A few days ago, we went to a nationally famous paint chain store. The promoters not only vowed, but also what is a plastic tensile testing machine? Pour the paint into the fish tank in front of us, and several goldfish are all right!"

"the resistance of fish is certainly not as strong as that of human beings, which is enough to show that this product is harmless to human body." In the face of the promoters, Ms. Huang was skeptical

try it at home: the fish died five hours later. On the weekend, I followed Ms. Huang with curiosity to the paint shop on Beizhong street. In the store, a dazzling array of barrel paints, and the price difference is even more alarming: from twoorthree yuan per barrel to more than a thousand yuan per barrel. When she proposed to buy the most environmentally friendly paint, the saleswoman pointed to the barrel paint with a label of 1370 yuan and said, "this is absolutely environmentally friendly and non-toxic."

seeing hesitation, the saleswoman said enthusiastically, "this paint can raise fish!" As he spoke, he opened the lid of the bucket sealed by the small deformation measuring device, which we usually call it, in front of him. He scooped out the paint with a spoon, put it into the fish tank, and stirred it hard for a few times

it was observed at the scene that the fish tank, which was originally crystal clear, became turbid, and the water became like milk. The three goldfish in it suddenly became hazy, but they still swam freely, as if there was no discomfort

Ms. Huang, who works more seriously, was careful. She secretly extracted some of the same paint when the saleswoman was not paying attention. When she got home, she could not follow the example of a general enterprise. The clerk added this paint to the fish tank. After more than 5 hours, the goldfish turned white

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