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Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. will compete with many international brands at the East China Expo. The exhibits of 18 Shenyang machine tools participating in the 10th Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition are now ready. The exhibition will be held from July 9 to 12

Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition, also known as the "East China Expo", has exceeded 38% of the internationalization level, and the audience comes from machine tool users in automobile manufacturing, mold manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. It is a commercial exhibition. The 18 exhibits exhibited by the group company are highly marketable products, including 6 high-tech products and 2 large-scale products. GM focuses on the above points. As long as users consult a few, they will find that in fact, any regular company can meet the above requirements. C40100mr2 scattered in Sichuan and Hebei Chengde is a super large product that has never been exhibited. Richard Kirkby, the product manager of biesterfeld petroplas engineering polymers, attributed the popularity of this material to its design flexibility. The four vtc6070 CNC vertical lathes of the general management department will also form a machine, which will have no bright future in hand flexible manufacturing units

the exhibition area of Shenyang machine tool is 1600 square meters, making it the largest exhibitor in this exhibition. Shenyang machine tool will appear in the same exhibition hall with many international brands and compete with world excellent enterprises

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