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Shenyang machine tool vmc1000 machining center steel plate protective cover CNC computer gongs protective plate retractable

Shenyang machine tool vmc1000 machining center steel plate protective cover CNC computer gongs protective plate retractable manufacturer - JINDA machinery

Yanshan JINDA Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has become a large joint venture integrating research, design, production and sales after several years of development

this series of protective cover has the following characteristics:

(1) the cover is made of cold-rolled steel plate (A3) and stainless steel plate (1gr13304) 1.5mm-5mm thick. If there are special requirements, it can be 8mm thick. High quality and long service life, it can prevent coolant and lotion, iron filings and accidental accidents of tools

(2) the shield has a beautiful appearance and can bring considerable economic efficiency to machine tool manufacturers Polyurethane or rubber strips with fire resistance and strong flexibility are used between each section

(3) the general shield speed is: 25m/min. if users need, they can make high-speed guide rail shield with special internal structure, and the speed can reach 400m/min

(4) the product structure is divided into flat shape and bow shape (single ridge, double ridge, three ridge, side ridge, etc.), which can be customized according to the continuous growth of customers' aviation industry demand. If the customer cannot measure the design parameters of the protective cover, our factory can give a prompt, or go to your company for measurement and installation

maintenance service: our factory can undertake the business of repairing the damaged shields on some equipment. Our factory also provides maintenance services for some problems in the use process after customization. Users can send the shields that need to be repaired to our factory for maintenance, and our factory can also repair them at the customer's site according to the user's situation and the damage of the shields

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