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Shenyang: the law enforcement team investigated and dealt with the "conspiracy" in the middle of the black printing factory. The black printing factory was clearly in the East, but the enthusiastic guide led the law enforcement officers to the West. On December 7, Shenyang Cultural law enforcement officers dug up a black printing factory in fanjiafen Village, Qianjin Township, and nearly 20000 illegal 4 experimental process publications that had been loaded were all seized

report: Xiaocun produced famous textbooks

at the beginning of December, the administrative law enforcement corps of Shenyang cultural market received a report that there was a small printing factory in Qianjin Township, Dongling District, which printed and sold illegal publications for many years, including the fraudulent use of primary and secondary school auxiliary books produced by famous school publishing houses

law enforcement officers followed and secretly visited the printing factory for a week and found that some schools did have pirated teaching aids, but in the process of tracking delivery trucks several times, law enforcement officers have been unable to determine the specific location of the printing factory

strange: ask the way and ask the opposite.

on December 7, the law enforcement officers decided to make a surprise investigation of fanjiafen village. After entering the village, the law enforcement car turned for several rounds and couldn't find the location of the printing factory. As a last resort, law enforcement officials decided to ask for directions. At the entrance of an alley, the law enforcement officers asked two middle-aged men and women whether there was a printing factory in the village. The two men were immediately alert. They learned that it was also helpful to protect pedestrians. After the law enforcement officers went to the law enforcement inspection, they became very enthusiastic. They pointed to the direction of the law enforcement officers and said: you go back, there seems to be a printing factory over there! The law enforcement officers drove back, but after a few rounds, they still couldn't find it. Law enforcement officers began to have doubts about the middle-aged men and women, and immediately checked in the opposite direction pointed out by the passer-by. Unexpectedly, they met a truck loading books in order to achieve this, and the middle-aged woman who showed them the way was in the yard next to the car. It turned out that she was one of the operators of the printing factory. The books on the truck were soon identified as illegal publications. After entering the house, the law enforcement officers saw that a variety of books were placed in the house, including a large number of exercise books for all grades of primary and secondary schools. According to rough statistics, nearly 20000 illegal publications were seized at the scene

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