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Shenyang enterprises developed an automatic glass blaster to break the glass in 0.1 seconds to help passengers escape quickly

under the background of the era when military civilian integration has risen to a national strategy and the central and local governments are promoting the development of military civilian integration, a military technology has been successfully applied to civilian products. Lvliangchen team of Shenyang Aerospace Xinle company showed the automatic glass blaster, which can quickly break the glass in case of vehicle emergency, Save valuable time for passengers to escape. At present, the equipment has been installed on 216 buses in Shenyang

on June 28, I interviewed LV Liangchen, the head of the entrepreneurial team of automatic glass blaster. "There are 216 buses in Shenyang. There is something that looks like a fixed device on the window glass frame. It is our product. In case of an emergency, the driver can break the glass in 0.1 seconds by pressing the button to help passengers escape quickly." Lu Liangchen said

4 is an inconspicuous gadget that can prolong the battery life. Seeing the puzzled expression, Lu Liangchen further explained that the automatic glass exploder contains a high-pressure gas generating device and a pin body. In case of danger, the driver presses the switch, and the high-pressure gas generating device generates a huge thrust to push the pin body to break the glass. Passengers only need to push off the formed glass to form an escape exit, It can greatly reduce the number of casualties caused by bus fire or vehicle body flooding

in recent years, buses and school buses have been in danger of LSB co 20a gb11945 fire, causing a large number of casualties from time to time. Although many vehicles are equipped with safety hammers, passengers cannot escape. The reason is that in the event of a fire, the desire to survive urges all passengers to rush to the door, making it difficult to open the door. In panic, people are difficult to find the safety hammer. Even if they find the safety hammer, they cannot break the glass quickly, resulting in tragedy. It takes only 7 seconds for the fire to spread from the front to the rear of the car. Breaking the glass in the shortest time will be the only hope for passengers to survive

LV Liangchen is an employee of Shenyang Aerospace Xinle Co., Ltd. the company is a military enterprise and belongs to China Aerospace Science and industry group. In order to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, enterprise policies are relatively loose, allowing employees to leave their posts and start businesses. In 2015, eight employees of aerospace Xinle company set up an entrepreneurial team to try to use highly reliable military technology for civilian use to solve the problem that safety hammers cannot save lives at critical moments. In order to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm to invest in research and development, the entrepreneurial team adopts the "virtual equity" model, which divides shares according to the division of labor and how much they pay. Through our unremitting efforts, the automatic glass exploder was successfully developed

"originally, I just wanted to have a try, but I didn't expect the results to show that the bonding strength between unidirectional thermoplastic composites and injection molded thermoplastics was 84% of that of substrate laminates. It was really successful. Now, we have set up a company and really embarked on the road of entrepreneurship." Lu Liangchen said excitedly. In view of the prospect of the project, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation invested 4million yuan in angel investment to support the research and development of the project. The team has cooperated with many domestic bus manufacturers

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