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Shenyang 1.5 billion to create an "extra large" polyester chip project

the "extra large project" of Shenyang municipal government this year - the one million ton polyester chip project of Jiuda group broke ground yesterday

the chemical fiber project, which has attracted the attention of the whole city, has a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. It is expected that the annual sales revenue of the project will exceed 11billion yuan after reaching production in three years

zhangxingxiang, Secretary of Shenyang municipal Party committee, announced the beginning of the foundation laying ceremony

"the comprehensive revitalization of Shenyang is on the way." many well-known automobile manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers have installed duo injection molding machines in their factories! " At the foundation laying ceremony held yesterday, Shenyang mayor chenzhenggao said that the development of Shenyang mainly depends on industry, and the core of industrial development depends on backbone enterprises. For this year's "special project" of the municipal government, the chemical fiber raw material project with the largest output in the history of Shencheng, and the many enterprises with 10 billion yuan that may emerge in the future, Mayor Chen hopes that these enterprises will become the "locomotive" to promote the industrial development of the city

this may be a relatively rare "lineup" of engineering projects: in the private industrial city of Tiexi New Area, the one million ton polyester slicing project of Jiuda group made the oil cylinder hanging and began to break ground. Users from Shenyang municipal Party committee, municipal people's Congress, municipal government and municipal power station paid rent and interest to financial institutions as lessees. The leaders of the four leading groups of the CPPCC and the main leaders of the seven administrative regions of the city were all present. Chen Zhenggao explained that such a grand foundation laying ceremony was arranged because the revitalization of Shenyang's old industrial base in the future ultimately depends on industrial development. He hoped that in the future, 10, 20 or even more enterprises with a sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan could emerge in Shenyang and become the "locomotive" to promote urban development. When Shenyang is facing unprecedented development opportunities, the municipal government hopes that this project will live up to its mission and expectations

it is reported that the total investment is expected to be 1.5 billion yuan. After three years of construction, the annual polyester chip production capacity will reach 1million tons, which will provide important raw material support for the development of the city's textile industry. It is reported that these raw materials will be mainly used in the production of textiles and packaging bottles

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