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Shenyang jinlijie Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise composed of high-tech R & D talents, innovative management talents, pragmatic technology, sales and production talents, focusing on the R & D, production, sales and service of environmental protection and energy-saving technologies and products. The company has established and improved its sales service network, and has set up a number of provincial and municipal agents and offices throughout the country to provide professional technical support and excellent after-sales service guarantee for our customers. The company's indoor environmental pollution comprehensive purification and treatment engineering department has obtained the national indoor environmental pollution purification and treatment qualification. The company has been rated as the national advanced collective in environmental protection for many times, and has won the most influential environmental protection brand of the year

in the face of gratifying achievements, Jin Lijie was on guard against arrogance and rashness and was determined to forge ahead. In the process of enterprise operation, Jin Lijie realized that price is not the first consideration for customers to choose and buy goods, but it has begun to steadily promote mature mass production. On the contrary, customers' trust in the enterprise (including the quality assurance of products and services) is the most important. How to improve brand loyalty, deeply grasp customer preferences, and highlight the uniqueness of the enterprise brand has become the biggest challenge for jinlijie. Secondly, due to the large number of customers and the variety of products, enterprises need to spend a lot of costs to inform customers of their information and new products, such as high advertising fees, mailing fees and a lot of labor costs. Then, how to better help enterprises reduce sales costs through Internet or other promotion methods, while maintaining a good relationship with customers and ensuring the arrival rate of enterprise information, has become a problem that jinlijie's management has been thinking and exploring. Recently, Jin Lijie signed a contract with Peng for software. Obviously, Jin Lijie hopes to use Peng Wei's CRM practice in the enterprise to create Zhejiang Jingcheng Mold Machinery Co., Ltd. to create a flat die fluid visualization intelligent system (referred to as micro interactive system) to improve the internal force of enterprises to understand customer behavior, and thus achieve Japan's desire to overtake in a curve! The purpose of establishing cooperative customer personalized services with regional industry enterprises with specialized product supply capacity

through years of accumulation, jinlijie has accumulated a large number of customer data, which are stored in each different department. How to make full use of these data to better position customers and provide considerate services has become the original intention of jinlijie to turn its attention to customer relationship management system (CRM). Pengwei CRM takes customer relationship management as its core function. By establishing standardized customer management models and rules, it archives the customer data scattered among different departments into the system database, establishes a complete customer file for each customer, classifies according to the size and industry of the customer company, and records the customer's transaction details in detail, so that when the enterprise understands each customer, it can make a simple query on the system, You can get a lot of relevant information, understand the characteristics of customers' consumption in the shortest time, deeply understand customers' needs, and make a prediction in advance for customers' next consumption

at the same time, Jin Lijie realized that while improving quality, enterprises should also pay attention to adjusting enterprise operation processes, comprehensively and through multiple channels to meet enterprise service needs, and provide more advanced personalized services, so as to increase customers' trust in enterprises. Pengwei CRM uniformly optimizes all business processes of the enterprise before the implementation of the system, and then establishes and improves multiple business modules such as customer data management, sales management, inventory management, commodity management, pre-sales and after-sales management according to the business processes. Each module is orderly connected through the CRM system, effectively avoiding the occurrence of information islands. Each position in different departments is set up with different permissions, It can create, supplement, modify, query and other operations for the customer related information of the system, and the data flow, information flow and capital flow can be carried out in a healthy and orderly manner in the system, which also comprehensively ensures the normal experience of the enterprise

Peng Wei CRM also provides Jin Lijie with an app client application, which enables enterprises to work mobile anytime and anywhere, real-time employees to travel, visit customers, log in through the mobile client at any time after installing the app client, and submit sales quotations, sales orders, financial process reviews, etc. the process promotion mechanism of the system can also effectively promote the process in the reminder mechanism set by the system, Improve the efficiency of business development. Leaders can also review all kinds of expense approval and click approval in the app client in a timely manner through fragment time. They can also supervise the salesperson through track chart, attendance check-in, etc., provide guidance on the business development of the salesperson in a timely manner, help the salesperson sign bills smoothly, improve the signing rate of the enterprise, and improve the performance of the enterprise

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