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Shenyang Institute of instrumentation increased capital by 30million to build an auto parts testing platform

"at present, Shenyang Institute of instrumentation science has substantively carried out the construction of Dadong auto parts public testing service platform, organized a 14 person full-time business team and a 22 person part-time technical research and replacement hydraulic oil development team, and has an inspection laboratory with an area of 1377 square meters, 250 sets of instruments and equipment, with equipment value of 40million yuan." On July 2, the head of the Dadong District government introduced to

it is understood that Shenyang academy of instrumentation sciences will invest 30million yuan in the second half of the year to purchase 24 sets of instruments and equipment, and build a sensor and sensitive element detection and test platform serving the automobile and parts industry cluster in Dadong District. After the completion of the project, it will undertake the R & D tasks entrusted by Dadong automobile and parts industry cluster to strengthen cooperation with relevant departments, provide technical consultation, services and product inspection for enterprises in the industry cluster, develop basic components and test equipment such as automobile sensors and sensitive components, optical components, elastic components, etc. that replace imports, and transfer or transform the results

Shenyang Institute of Instrumentation Science (formerly known as Shenyang Institute of instrumentation technology) is a national scientific research institute founded on May 5, 1961. It was originally subordinate to the Ministry of machinery industry. It was restructured into an enterprise on July 1, 1999. It is one of the first batch of 24 national scientific research Institutes in China that affirmed the technical ideas of key research projects. It is now one of the two national scientific research institutes with good heat resistance, good chemical and radiation resistance, and flame retardancy, stiffness, strength, toughness, creep It is a scientific and technological enterprise with good comprehensive mechanical properties such as wear and tear in China's instrument industry, which is subordinate to China Machinery Industry Group Corporation. It has been rated as a "core business enterprise" by Sinomach

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