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Shenyang machine tool has broken into the fashion circle - i5 intelligent personalized customized equipment has stepped out of the market.

at present, customized products that can highlight users' personality are leading the new trend of consumption. Shenyang machine tool, personalized customization and bead data testing effectiveness have expanded to the development and utilization of testing instruments, and become a normal treasure. The three seemingly different words are closely linked because of "Zhi 3. Manufacturing can be achieved only when space design allows and fair without interference"

in the workshop of the jewelry industry division of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, personalized customized products can be produced in only two steps: the first step is to write your name in the "signature box with excellent energy efficiency at the same time" on the iPad display screen, and the second step is to click "send order", and the processing instructions will be immediately transmitted to the intelligent machine tool. Two minutes later, a beautiful Personalized Silver Medal arrived. On August 20, I experienced this interesting process on site

jewelry intelligent machine tool is a special machine tool launched by Shenyang Machine Tool Group for the jewelry processing industry based on the core advantage of "i5 intelligent machine tool + industrial interconnection". I5 is an effective integration of industrialization, informatization, networking, intelligence and integration (industry, information, Internet, integrate and intelligent), which can realize the effective interconnection of people, machines and things

as the leader of China's machine tool industry, why "cross-border" fashion jewelry industry? Wang Sili, senior manufacturing manager of the jewelry industry division of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, said that the jewelry industry has always been dominated by artisans, and the original machining technology is difficult to reflect the personalization of fashion brands. In 2015, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. aimed at the market gap of intelligent jewelry processing, and added a jewelry industry division, whose goal is to provide the jewelry industry with personalized solutions in the era of "industry 4.0"

"this is not only a jewelry processing and manufacturing workshop, but also a design department for jewelry CNC process research and development." Wang Sili said, "we complete the whole process of a jewelry product from drawing design, modeling, arranging process procedures to completion and delivery."

after more than three years of efforts, the jewelry industry business division has made continuous breakthroughs from scratch, independently developed and produced intelligent jewelry special machines and automation equipment, and continuously provided comprehensive solutions to customers in the jewelry industry. Wang Sili said, "the jewelry industry business unit has increased from the initial 12 people to 89 people. It has been able to meet more than 90% of customers' needs from a large difference with customers' needs, and has been able to achieve a precious metal loss rate of three thousandths."

nowadays, Shenyang machine tool develops, manufactures and markets high-end intelligent machine tools and automated production lines in the jewelry industry, implements personalized customization of online jewelry and offline intelligent processing experience, and creates a jewelry intelligent manufacturing sharing ecosystem connecting the whole value chain of the industry

the jewelry industry division is deeply engaged in the jewelry industry and innovatively explores the path of transformation and upgrading of the domestic jewelry industry. It is Shenyang Machine Tool Group, relying on i5 core technology, that continues to focus on the market and industry, continues to expand to the segmented industry market, and drives the transformation and upgrading of the industry through the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem. The latest data shows that as of July this year, 44000 i5 intelligent machine tools have been placed on hand, and 9 5D smart manufacturing valleys have been signed and constructed

relying on the independently developed i5 intelligent control system and many derived software and hardware products, Shenyang machine tool is constantly expanding to the industry, so that each load can only reach a certain load expansion, providing intelligent manufacturing solutions for industrial transformation and upgrading, and also providing new impetus for the development of Liaoning equipment manufacturing industry in revitalization. (: fengqingyang)

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