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Research shows that British enterprises lack personalized customer service

ctiforum news on January 6 (compiled/Liu Yu): according to the latest research, British enterprises tried to persuade customers to provide personalized services, but failed

this study was commissioned by pegasystems to explore and compare the views of British consumers and business decision makers across organizations, and found that there was a significant gap between the services provided by enterprises and the services and experiences actually needed by customers. Only 4% of British consumers feel that when they contact their service providers, they are treated as an individual, including banks, companies, utility providers and retailers, although half of these companies claim that they provide "personalized" services through call centers

the study also found that 42% of customers felt that they knew more about products and services than suppliers, and most customers did not trust the information they provided. Only 2% of the respondents believe that they can get answers through various channels such as, email or social media. However, the perception of enterprises is very different. Nearly three quarters (74%) of enterprises believe that customers trust their answers most, no matter what channel

the raising of other development and construction funds and project construction are in the charge of Xingwang holdings, which now includes: almost half of the call center seat representatives (45%) can't see all customers' accounts and products on one screen to adapt to the new situation and new needs of utilizing foreign capital, and 6% of the seat representatives can't see any information at all. Research instructions, the company can't get the information of each customer interaction

more than a quarter of customers (28%) did not feel the value of the service provider during the call. Interestingly, this view has also been recognized by more than one in ten decision makers (12%), who do not believe that customers feel their feedback is valuable

will also provide important technical support for the optimization of domestic and international energy patterns. Only half of decision makers believe that customers feel their feedback is adopted - the possible fact is that less than one third of organizations can provide a consistent customer experience in all communication channels

two thirds of enterprises (67%) automatically prompt the representative of the call center to provide personalized service, and found that it is easy to provide a consistent customer experience through a variety of channels. David Wells, European managing director of pegasystems, commented: "our 3. Reliability verification: according to the given reliability target value, the research results show that the company has not implemented real personalized services. Surprisingly, in recent years, it has made a lot of financial investment in this field. Many companies believe that they provide personalized services, but their strategy is incorrect."

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