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Research shows that artificial intelligence is closely related to customer experience

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on October 10 (compiler/Lao Qin): artificial intelligence has been more and more closely linked with customer experience, and has been steadily popularized among plastic granulator technology professionals who vigorously develop renewable energy and industrial waste heat in sales, marketing and customer service. Roberthalf's latest research shows that this technology has been applied to CRM, customer data platform (CDP) software and the whole enterprise business

research shows that 39% of it leaders are already using AI or machine learning, while another 33% say they will use it in the next three years. Another 19% of leaders plan to use it in the next five years

research shows that AI is linked to improved customer experience and is an important tool for better customer understanding. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are intertwined with the future of work, and have been used to collect and analyze social, historical and behavioral data to collect deep insights and understanding of customers

to provide a truly outstanding experience, all customer-centric business units - such as sales, customer service and marketing - must work together and effectively use AI tools to achieve common goals, said Sven feurer, senior director of engineering and operations, SAP customer experience. By doing so, AI has the potential to help brands connect with customers at a more personalized level, thereby increasing loyalty and gaining trust not only now but also after the pandemic

according to the 2020 survey of mittechnology review, AI chat robots for customer service are the top AI solutions deployed today. Among the business leaders questioned, 73% said they believed that AI would still be mainly used for customer service by 2022, while 59% believed that it would also be used for sales and marketing

modern enterprises should not regard chat robots as a substitute for human beings, but as a supplement to human resources to help their employees be as efficient as possible. Feurer said: it is worth noting that PCU is more stable under medical conditions. Organizations must strike an important balance between self-service and human-computer interaction to provide the most convenient experience. For example, AI based chat robot is a valuable tool, which can save enterprise funds and allow customers to deal with small problems by themselves. However, please keep in mind that if chat robots try to understand everything, their performance will not be very good. Instead, they should be used to solve some topics, such as invoice management, order tracking and account management. 2. The friction is relatively large. In fact, research shows that chat robots can improve the query processing speed related to invoice management by two to three times

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