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The 2018 Research Report on the shortage and urgent need of talents in Dongguan was released: the intelligent manufacturing industry is the most in need of talents

there will be a large gap of technical and skilled talents in Dongguan in the coming years. Photo by Lu Zheng of Guangzhou all media

as one of the activities of 2018 Dongguan high-level talent week, the capital of skilled talents summit of Dongguan talent development forum was held yesterday. At the meeting, the 2018 Research Report on talents in urgent need in Dongguan (hereinafter referred to as the "report") was released

according to the report, there will be a large gap of technical and skilled talents in Dongguan in the coming years. Among the enterprises that actively apply for positions in urgent need of experimental forces, intelligent manufacturing/assembly manufacturing, electronic information and furniture/clothing/shoes and hats enterprises rank among the top three

242 positions in urgent need, professional and technical categories account for 50%

Zhang Shenglei, director of the Research Institute of the human resources department of Zhaopin, analyzed the relevant situation of the shortage of talents in Dongguan according to the report at the summit yesterday. It is reported that Zhilian conducted effective research on 1756 enterprises in Dongguan in the early stage of recruitment. The vast majority of these enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, with more than 1000 people accounting for 6.4%, 500-1000 people accounting for 7.3%, and less than 500 people accounting for 86.3%. Skilled talents account for 35% of the existing talent types in the enterprise

the survey found that the certification of skilled talents in Dongguan enterprises is generally not ideal, and most skilled talents are below the intermediate level or without any qualification certification. According to the report, 74% of the skilled personnel are intermediate workers or below, while only 4% are senior technicians

the report predicts that there will be a large gap of technical and skilled talents in Dongguan in the coming years. In the survey, employers who actively applied for positions in urgent need involved 38 industries, with a total of 2370 positions. Among them, the number of intelligent manufacturing/assembly manufacturing, electronic information and furniture/clothing/shoes and hats enterprises, as well as the number of declared positions ranked among the top three. It is reported that there are 60 scarce talent positions involving R & D functions, which fully reflects the talent needs of Dongguan enterprises for breakthrough and innovation in product structure and intelligent manufacturing upgrading. The academic requirements for R & D positions are basically bachelor's degree or above

it is worth mentioning that Dongguan has temporarily confirmed 242 jobs into the list of urgently needed jobs in 2018, with a total of 124 professional and technical jobs, accounting for 50%

The shortage of skilled talents also makes enterprises in Dongguan pay more and more attention to attracting and retaining talents. The report shows that at present, about 87% of enterprises choose recruitment stations as the primary channel, followed by internal recommendations and on-site job fairs. Campus recruitment has also attracted the attention of more enterprises. The interviewed enterprises all said that they have carried out or plan to carry out campus recruitment for a long time to obtain talents. In addition, the main measures for employers to recruit and retain talents are to improve salary, increase employee incentives and strengthen internal talent reserves

want to attract more talents

more publicity of Dongguan enterprise characteristics

the human resource management of many enterprises is still in the primary stage of personnel management. Zhang Shenglei believes that this is a major reason that restricts enterprises from attracting, cultivating and retaining talents. Enterprises must know how to retain and cultivate talents

Zhang Shenglei also said that Dongguan should print out the name card of the city of skilled talents and publicize the characteristics of Dongguan enterprises. Many production management and R & D talents still have a long-term understanding of Dongguan. Zhang Shenglei also believes that the attraction of a single enterprise to recruit talents is quite limited. Dongguan should take measures at the government level to organize more enterprises to form a group to attract talents in the form of clusters

in addition, Mo Rong, vice president of the Chinese Academy of labor and social security, gave his views on the education and training of talents. He said that the current construction of local training bases has built a good platform for the integration of production and education of skilled talents. For example, if the Dongguan higher training center needs to further understand the application of composite materials in aerospace, wind energy, automotive, sports equipment, biomedicine and other fields, the training volume has exceeded 200000 person times, and the utilization rate of training equipment has reached 90%. Based in Dongguan, it has provided a large number of technical talents for the Pearl River Delta

he also believes that the school with the most concentrated talent training, which also has all the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machines, cannot be limited to providing labor to enterprises. The school should improve the quality of running the school, constantly improve the ability of industry education integration, build a teacher scientific research team that can provide services for enterprises in terms of technology research, staff training, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, etc., cultivate high-end skilled talents that can meet the requirements of enterprise production and service, and build various sharing platforms for information, technology and other services for industry education integration

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