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Explore the safety, health and environmental protection strategy of China Dulux paint

explore the safety, health and environmental protection strategy of China Dulux paint

June 10, 2008

the China regional station of icidulux is like a colorful color competition. The six big yellow characters of "safety, health and environmental protection" still brighten people's eyes and cannot be covered by the gorgeous color

duluxpro is one of the most famous paint brands of ICI, a multinational chemical manufacturer of architectural decorative paint and packaging paint. Now it has been officially included in the AkzoNobel, the world's largest paint and chemical manufacturer. Whether it is Dulux or "Leyden", "Deville" or "capinno", their environmental protection level will be directly related to human health

when the "World Environment Day" comes, how does this global multinational chemical company participate in environmental protection with its own actions? How does its production and product research and development convey the environmental protection of the enterprise

Chen Ping, general manager of AkzoNobel decoration paint China, said that as early as 1997 and 1999, the two production bases in Guangzhou and Shanghai passed the international certification of bsiiso9002 respectively

whether an enterprise can achieve environmental protection in the factory can not only win the respect and trust of customers, but also gather more excellent talents on this premise

therefore, the "safety, health and environmental protection" program formulated by the company is a solid foundation for the company to shoulder the responsibilities of employee health and environmental protection. The company's senior management told that while doing a good job in its own economic development, the annual net new production capacity was 1-1.5 million tons, the enterprise has been committed to maintaining the balance between it and environmental protection and society

therefore, enterprises must adopt methods that are harmless to health and the environment to develop, produce, distribute and promote their products and services

during 2000, the company invested 135million pounds in the field of "safety, health and environmental protection", of which 50% was spent on environmental protection. "Our company is the first paint company in the world that does not add lead and mercury to all paint products." The senior management of the company said to me

the company has also established a resource sharing door and a she (safety, health and environmental protection) department, which is responsible for formulating, supervising and implementing the principles and programs of she, and providing relevant information and training for all employees

first of all, in terms of product development when the load can no longer rise, the company strives to develop new products or improved products that help protect the environment and are conducive to sustainable development. The raw materials used in the purchase have been strictly selected, and their safety data have been carefully evaluated. It is strictly forbidden to use raw materials containing lead, mercury, benzene and other materials that will cause harm to human health, so that consumers can use them more safely and at ease. The formula of all products of the company in China is consistent with the standards of the United States, Europe or other parts of the world

at present, AkzoNobel company has established a factory with advanced equipment using new global technology, and it is the first paint company in the world that does not add lead, benzene and mercury to all paint products

at the same time, AkzoNobel has become one of the first foreign-funded paint manufacturers to obtain China's environmental label. China environmental labeling is issued after the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification jointly organized by the State Environmental Protection Administration, the State Administration for import and export commodity inspection and quarantine, the State Administration of quality and technical supervision and the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Commission. AkzoNobel also employs nearly 1000 employees around the world to specialize in research and development. The paint department alone spends tens of millions of pounds on research and development every year

in addition, AkzoNobel China has always implemented the business purpose of "safety, health and environmental protection" of the group company, requiring every employee to have and have the right to participate in creating a safe environment free of industrial accidents and occupational diseases, and ensuring the right of customers to obtain safe, healthy and environmental protection products

the environmental protection work of factory manufacturing is one of them, and the environmental protection function of products is another yardstick for customers to test the enterprise's understanding of customers and the environment

for chemical products, especially paint products, "health and environmental protection" is the foundation beyond their quality. Emergency shutdown: emergency stop switch is set. When choosing products, people may put the impact of paint on the body on an important measurement position

the above-mentioned senior executives of the company said that whether Dulux gold full effect wall paint, gold 5-in-1 wall paint, ultra easy to wash reinforced wall paint, deli reinforced wall paint, Li Mingzhu wall paint, Liden exterior wall paint and meishili emulsion paint under AkzoNobel company, they all passed the "CCEL China environmental label certification" in 2001

in November 2007, duluxpro's anti formaldehyde full effect wall paint went on the market and won the attention of the market. It has an innovative air purification function, which not only does not contain formaldehyde, but also can effectively absorb indoor formaldehyde. This technology is called "microporous purification technology". In particular, it adds precious plant fibers and mineral extracts with porous structure, which can effectively and actively absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances emitted by new furniture and other decoration materials in the room, and firmly lock them, promoting them to be converted into non-volatile harmless substances under the action of water and oxygen molecules

in addition, Dulux has launched an environmental friendly trimatrx powder coating, which can be applied to metal substrates, medium density fiberboard and various irregular shapes and sizes of material surfaces. It is understood that trimatrx powder coating is low temperature resistant, with good surface hardness, elasticity and corrosion resistance. This product has played a huge role in the rating and certification of green buildings

an outstanding chemical company is turning people's guesses and doubts into its own effective actions, so as to resolve the social and public doubts about its safety and environment

they no longer sell products alone, but in the process of sales, they turn their own understanding of environmental protection and thinking that is really beneficial to the environment into a spirit, which is attached to the products, reflected in the specific behavior of caring for enterprise employees, and expand outward, so as to affect the whole industry and promote social environmental awareness. At the same time, the enterprise also continues to win the recognition and trust of the market from its contribution to environmental protection, and finally wins in the market. (author: Wang You)

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