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There is progress in the research of nanoparticle materials of East China University of science and technology

there is progress in the research of nanoparticle materials of East China University of science and technology

April 24, 2001

the key project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China undertaken by East China University of science and technology - the basic research project of nanoparticle material preparation science and

engineering. After more than 4 years of efforts, we have further expanded the process of nanoparticle preparation process and mechanism, as well as brand awareness A series of achievements in particle surface treatment technology and theory have laid a theoretical foundation for the development of nano particle material preparation technology

Tianzi expression. Aiming at the particularity of the preparation process of nanoparticle materials, they carried out comprehensive and systematic research on the basic theory of nanoparticle material preparation technology and surface activity technology, the engineering problems and engineering characteristics of the preparation process with the goal of process control and optimization of the morphology of nanoparticle materials. Scientific researchers creatively put forward the principle of nano particle material morphology control, which laid the foundation for the stable operation of the domestic coke market under the control of nano particle material morphology; It has obtained distinctive achievements in the engineering characteristics and mass transfer laws of the nano particle synthesis system, and has been successfully applied to industrial production; Systematically studied the basic law of surface modification of nano particle materials, put forward the proprietary technology of flow chemical vapor phase surface modification, and successfully developed nano silica artificial bone repair materials, which achieved good results in practical applications and clinical trials; Combining the preparation of nano

rice particles with polymer materials, and through theoretical research such as surface grafting, the preparation technology of microspheres for cell, protein and nucleic acid separation using magnetic variable single 1 extensive plastic granulator with independent intellectual property rights has been developed

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