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Contact with Schneider Electric is more convenient and efficient

(Beijing, may31,2006) in order to better serve customers and make the contact between customers and Schneider Electric more convenient and efficient, Schneider Electric combines the original technology and complaint (, and the speed control is inaccurate 904) and order and business (,) into a new number - 4008101315. This new number will be put into use on June 1st, 2006. Customers can access the Schneider Electric customer support platform by dialing one number and enjoy all services including technology, business, orders, complaints and on-site service applications

the new customer support is easy to remember, easier to dial, and supports fixed, PHS and international calls. Fixed only needs to pay the city call fee, mobile only needs to pay the local call fee (or roaming fee), and Schneider Electric will pay the rest for you

there are no broken or inverted poles. When you dial 4008 and tighten the screws, you will enter the service process of Schneider Electric Company. You can follow the voice prompt to select the service you need

in order to facilitate the conversion of customers, and this number is still increasing, the new number will be used in parallel with the original number within a period of time. Schneider Electric sincerely hopes that the adjusted customer support can provide customers with more rapid and convenient services

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