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[trading Express] confidence recovered. Warehouse receipts rose for four consecutive days.

[trading Express] the market closed at 15:00, and the China Plastics warehouse receipts index closed at 595.48, up 18.86 points compared with the previous trading day

crude oil futures fell to a 22 month low on Wednesday, dragged down by expectations that oil demand will continue to be weak. The settlement price of December light and low sulfur crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by $3.17 to $56.16 a barrel, or 5.3%, hitting a new closing low since january29,2007. Ice December Brent crude oil futures fell $3.34 to $52.37 a barrel. The U.S. energy information administration is expected to emphasize that the global oil demand with comprehensive engineering capability will hardly increase next year

as of 3:00 p.m., the electronic intraday quotation of WTI futures in recent months was reported at 55.28 yuan/barrel, down US $0.88

on November 12, the main players in the warehouse receipt market opened high, oscillated and rose, PP warehouse receipts rose again, the market turnover increased, the order was stable, and the index was close to the ten day average. At the opening today, the main warehouse receipts opened slightly lower, and the intraday prices rose rapidly. Before the overall limit of PP warehouse receipts in the mid market, the selling of linear plates disappeared. Most of the market belongs to the scope of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the transaction volume decreased in the same period. After 10 o'clock, the market closed and traded at the daily limit. There was no volume of transactions, and there was a backlog of buying orders on the market. Traders had strong bullish confidence. The market opened in the afternoon, and the market continued to be closed at the daily limit. There was no volume of transactions, and the order volume was stable. The warehouse receipt index closed at the mid positive line, approaching the integer level of 600 points, and stood on the 10 day moving average. The index went up into the middle area, but the moving average system still maintains a short position. In terms of spot goods, the PE market atmosphere has improved, and the overall new chemical materials is a strategic emerging industry that the state focuses on developing. The market has stabilized and partially rebounded. As the market has been in a downturn in the early stage, traders intend to push up the market price. The atmosphere of PP market in China plastic city was flat, the quotation was basically stable, and some maintained adjustment. In the environment of weak demand, the operating rate of downstream factories is generally low, and the procurement method is mainly a small number of times and bargain hunting. However, traders operate cautiously, or wait and see, or buy as you use, or purchase as you sell, so the overall transaction is still not improving

on the whole, the warehouse receipts and Liansu market in recent months have gone against the oil trend, and the spot has also warmed up in the same period. Traders' bullish confidence has recovered, and it is expected to continue to rebound in the future

15:00 the market closed. The settlement prices of ab0812, ll0901 and pp00901 were 11262, 6454 and 5913 yuan/ton respectively, up and down by +162, +159 and +171 points compared with the previous trading day. A total of 5840 tons were traded in the market today, a decrease of 7595 tons compared with the previous trading day; The total order was 24950 tons, a decrease of 110 tons compared with the previous trading day. The specific data of double volume are as follows:

total volume






trading volume







order volume







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