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Industrial control configuration software iFIX and its application in petrochemical PP nitrogen plant

1. Introduction

industrial control configuration software is a software package that can collect data in real time from PLC, field instruments and other equipment, issue control instructions and monitor the normal operation of the system. It can make full use of the powerful graphic function of windows, display the running state of monitoring equipment in the form of animation, conveniently form the monitoring picture and realize the control function, provide a very convenient software development platform for the development of industrial monitoring software, and greatly improve the efficiency and reliability of software development. Therefore, it has been widely used in the field of industrial control. IFIX3.5 developed by American intellusion company is one of such general configuration software for industrial automation

ifix3.5 is an all Chinese interface configuration software running in Windows2000 and windows NT4.0. It integrates the device drivers of PLC popular at home and abroad, and can easily and quickly design industrial control software that meets the field requirements. In addition, iFIX3.5 also provides the function of DDE exchange with other PC Applications (such as Excel and VB), so it is convenient to design various reports (including table, shift report, monthly report, etc.). On the other hand, iFIX3.5 can also form a network to exchange data with multiple remote nodes through tcp/ip protocol

based on the powerful graphics and report functions of iFIX3.5, the author designed a set of The computer monitoring system of the classification results 5 of the material testing machine can complete the functions of field data display and recording, the generation of various reports, alarm output, etc

2. The system hardware

is shown in Figure 1. The overall structure of the system is the upper and lower computer structure. Taking PC as the upper computer, a sa85 communication card is inserted into the PC to complete the data exchange between PC and lower PLC. IPC 850 industrial control computer produced by Advantech company is selected as the upper computer, and iFIX3.5 is used as the configuration software of human-computer interaction to complete the functions of image display, report, alarm output and so on

Figure 1 hardware structure diagram of the control system

the lower computer is quantum series PLC produced by Schneider, which completes the control function of the computer control system of the whole PP nitrogen production station. For system security, the author selects two upper computers, which are inserted into the sa85 communication card and connected with the branching device through a special cable, and then connected with the mb+ interface of the lower computer PLC. In this way, the dual computer hot backup of the whole system can be realized

3. Software design and configuration of control system. The monitoring software of upper computer is developed with iFIX3.5 configuration software, which can directly read and write all variables of PLC and monitor the collected real-time data; It can continuously monitor the equipment and notify the operator of any fault alarm in the form of text, graphics, sound, etc; It can also write the alarm information, login information, shift change information, etc. into the database in January this year for future query. For this purpose, a picture structure as shown in Fig. 2 is designed

Figure 2 configuration picture structure

the software design scheme is as follows:

(1) the design of process flow picture is realized by using the drawing toolbox of iFIX. There are mainly 10 images, including system overview, air compressor, precooling system, liquid cooling storage, purification system, fractionator, fractionator 1, fractionator 2, expander, alarm and report

(2) input the i/o point of PLC with iFIX database

(3) realize the data connection between the displayed quantity on the process flow screen and the PLC i/o points in the database

(4) realize the design of historical trend picture with iFIX chart toolbox. Each historical trend screen has a historical curve of 7 ~ 8 important parameters, and can monitor the important data of the production process in real time

(5) the script program of the button to complete the functions of screen switching, parameter setting and control, working mode switching, etc

(6) establish the report database and complete the report function of the system with the script program

(7 plastic molded parts have antibacterial effect) compile the real-time parameter report of the device, and complete the report function of the following parameters. The real-time parameters are saved once every 8 hours, and the saved data are saved for one month, and can be printed with peripheral devices at any time

(8) prepare cost accounting report (Statistics 15 minutes before shift handover) to realize the statistics of parameter accumulation of nitrogen, purified gas, non purified air and circulating water

the main screen of the monitoring system is shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3 main screen of the monitoring system

4, conclusion

this paper describes in detail the process of using iFIX3.5 configuration software to transform the upper computer monitoring system of PP nitrogen generation station for Wuhan Petrochemical plant. The plant uses 2 sets of s PLC to control the daily work of main silos. By collecting the data of each PLC in real time, the system can monitor the working status and data of each silo in real time, and display them with graphics. In addition, it can also collect the corresponding data for archiving to form reports, and establish report database and alarm database. The technical difficulty of this transformation is the setting of communication configuration. Once the communication configuration is correct and the newly added upper function communicates with PLC, other work will be completed. After the transformation of the system is completed, the system runs stably, which greatly facilitates the operation of users and has been highly praised by users. (end)

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