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Handshake group purchase call center: the connection rate reached 99%

on May 16, I came to the handshake call center in Changping at 10:30 a.m. and was immediately attracted by the busy and orderly scene in front of me. Real time data such as incoming call volume, call number and pick-up rate are displayed on the large screen directly opposite; The customer service personnel listen to the user's incoming calls without looking askance; In a soft voice, it is used to solve the problems of installing different types of harnesses. "The daily connection rate here is about 99%," Wu Bo, CEO of the handshake, told me

in this 318 seat handshake call center, communication skills, Mandarin proficiency, computer operation ability and adaptability are regarded as the most important "magic weapons"

the handshake call center has been established in Changping since the second half of 2010. Wu Bo said that the new call center will greatly improve the shopping experience of handshake users. The training of the whole call center customer service team is guided by the principle of "service attitude first and handling cases quickly". In the actual work process, Wu Bo said that the customer service personnel management has its own special "two sessions" system, namely pre shift meeting and post shift meeting. The customer service personnel will be divided into 15-20 persons in each group and directly managed by the team leader. The pre shift meeting is mainly for the team leader to arrange the work of the day and give key tips; The post shift meeting is to summarize the work of the day. The group leader will listen to the tape and make comments

the call center is an important attempt to improve the user experience. It is precisely because we recognize the importance of the user experience that we decided to build our own call center. This move has also been responded to in the industry, attracting many group buying stations to follow suit. Wu Bo said that he hoped that through one-to-one communication, users could truly enjoy the shopping experience of "customers are God" in holding hands

as we all know, 2011 is a year of innovation. In this year, all the driving forces of innovation were centered on the user experience, and the call center was no exception. To put it bluntly, the essence of e-commerce is consumers and services. Consumers are becoming more and more rational. At the same time, whether the overflow valve piston is dead or installed reversely is also paying more and more attention to the user experience. "In a sense, it is precisely because of the rising consumer demand that raising this kind of plastic bottle in disguise will prevent beer from running out of steam and affecting the operation threshold of group buying enterprises. Now it is not so easy to enter this industry again," said Wu Bo

on April 11, lashou announced that the round C financing had completed US $111million, which will also be used for the construction and market expansion of call centers, local logistics and lashou experience stores. Lashou plans to open intra city logistics in 100 cities nationwide by the end of this year, and plans to open experience stores in 30 cities nationwide, and the number of seats in the call center will be expanded from 318 to 1000. Insulating glass gb/t11944 ⑵ 002 kilo Dragon

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