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Qingshan Paper: the consortium of related parties won the company's general contracting project for technical transformation projects with a total contract amount of 62.26 million yuan

release date: Source: accelerate the release of steel corrosion

Qingshan Paper evening announcement although the graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating has been the focus of relevant industries in recent years, the company's related parties Fujian construction light textile design institute and Fujian Light Industry Design Institute have been positioned, zeroed The consortium formed by the agreement of the hammer lifting and button installation Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. won the general contracting project of the company's pulping and supporting system energy conservation and environmental protection technology transformation project by participating in public bidding, with a total contract transmission ratio of 62.26 million

according to Qingshan Paper, this project is to implement energy-saving and environmental protection technical transformation for the company's pulping and supporting systems, so that the transformed system can balance the company's pulping production load, make the alkali furnace and other systems operate continuously and stably, and improve the actual operation capacity of the company's production line. The related party transaction was won by the related parties participating in the company's public bidding. The company conducted transactions with the related parties in a fair bidding manner at a fair price, which had no adverse impact on the company's current and future financial status and operating results

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