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The construction and development of smart cities urgently need to improve the standards and norms

"in the future, the standards have become one of the outstanding achievements that restrict the growth of smart cities in China. Smart cities have a set of perfect standards to support the demand and complete capital sharing, interconnection and coordinated growth." Recently, Wangyi, Secretary General of Tianxia intelligent construction and residential area digital Standardization Technology Committee, said at the seminar on the use of smart paste in the production process

Wangyi pointed out that China's smart cities have made some achievements, such as emphasizing support over standards, emphasizing fragmentation over interoperability, and smart cities and standard fragmentation have not yet been established. Because of the absence of critical skills and handling standards, there is not enough convenience and benefit for the people of foreign countries, and the convenience and effectiveness of handling affairs need to be improved. It is precisely because of the lack of perfect standards that affect the support and growth of smart cities and directly affect the information security of smart cities

"Of course, smart city will support many aspects, such as data collection, processing and processing, Enron management, piecemeal utilization, etc., and the price is also very different. According to the customer's choice, it can cover all parts of the authorities. It is inevitable that it is difficult to support standard piecemeal electrical insulation. Therefore, smart Standard Committee should do a better job in capital management and integration, strengthen standardization management, and ensure that all standards can be operated, fulfilled and fall Ground. " Wangyi said

previously, smart accessories and common things should be marked with responsive signs and specifications. The Standardization Committee has made useful tests on the results of insufficient sharing and difficult coordination of the Utilization Department. Its "urban IOT key handling system" provides a safe guarantee for smart communities, smart homes, smart elderly care and other urban iots to use the supply information, and is in the same vein with "urban all-in-one card key handling system", So as to complete "one point access, all interworking"

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