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The wardrobe plays an irreplaceable role in the home. It is one of the standard configurations of the bedroom. When choosing, if you don't consider the price factors, you will generally choose the wardrobe made of solid wood panels. Today, Xiaobian will take you to know the price and pictures of solid wood wardrobe, and recommend five beautiful and practical solid wood wardrobe

1. The price of solid wood wardrobe and the price of pictures

the most expensive material in the wardrobe should be solid wood, but there are many different prices for solid wood wardrobe, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands, and even more expensive if it is rare wood. Therefore, the price of solid wood wardrobe is closely related to the material itself

the price of solid wood wardrobe is also related to the brand and production. Generally speaking, the larger the brand, the higher the price of solid wood wardrobe. The price of customized wardrobe is also much higher than that of finished wardrobe. Of course, its price has some influence on the hardware accessories and production process of wardrobe

2. This is a customized solid wood wardrobe made of southwest birch. It has fine wood texture. Its tone is dark, which is very helpful for brewing sleepiness. The internal layout is reasonable. There are four zones, which can store and take clothes well. It also has a partition effect and strong functionality

b. This wardrobe is full of fashionable style. It perfectly matches the white matte baking paint with the log to create a very clean and warm sleeping environment, and perfectly combines the wardrobe with the dressing table

c. This off white top wardrobe is very updated. The curved design is very charming, and some open designs have a sense of space. The whole is very comfortable and casual

d. The main highlight of this solid wood wardrobe is its practicality. It is not only large, but also the design of the whole wall. It only empties the position of the door, and does not even waste the space above the door. The light wood color creates a very relaxed atmosphere. In addition, its own design is also good. The three storage space divisions, from large to small, better show its storage capacity

e. This is an embedded solid wood wardrobe design. On the surface, there are only three sliding doors. In fact, this solid wood wardrobe will save more money, and its color matching and shape design are also very distinctive. The height is at the same level as the door, which is a kind of low-key luxury

editor's summary: the above is about the prices and pictures of solid wood wardrobes and the introduction of five beautiful and practical solid wood wardrobes. Although there are not many styles of solid wood wardrobes on the market, they are very fashionable and magnificent, which are very popular among modern people. If you want to know more about the consultation on home decoration, building materials and furniture, please pay attention





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