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Every March and July is the peak season of the exhibition for the home building materials industry. For many door and window manufacturers, participating in the exhibition is still an important part of attracting investment. So, for those dealers who participate in the exhibition, how should they polish their eyes and choose high-quality door and window agency brands? People with rich experience in the industry believe that it is the most reliable to inquire about brand reputation and commodity quality

I. brand word-of-mouth queries cannot be less

referring to the word-of-mouth of door and window brands and the experience of successful dealers, when selecting Acting brands, we must make full use of household registration reputation inquiry, that is, ask more about the evaluation of owners and designers, and also search online. There may be such evaluation on online forums, microblogs and blogs. However, any building materials and home furnishing brand with excellent reputation in Baidu Shangkou is usually not worried about its sales

the research on selecting cutting-edge door and window brands with strong development potential shows that the branding cost of doors and windows is now appropriately sophisticated, and almost most consumers will choose some door and window brands with high brand awareness and good reputation when decorating; Some relatively strong decoration companies and designers also tend to cooperate with door and window brands with high brand positioning, but they pay more attention to cutting-edge brands with differentiated new development potential. The old brand is now fixed, with high transparency, so it is difficult to have high profit space. In such a shopping environment, before a dealer decides to join a door and window brand, it is necessary to compare the brand positioning, reputation, strength, etc. of the manufacturer in the profession, and at the same time, understand the manufacturer's production base, the variety and quality of goods, the size and number of people of the company, the previous sales volume, the previous dealer status, whether someone has been distributed locally, etc; If someone has sold it, it must have a negative impact, and it is difficult to have room for operation with high transparency

second, the quality of goods is still the key point

select the brand with good quality of Acting goods. After joining the acting door and window brand, the goods are supplied by the manufacturer, and the dealer is completely tied to this line. In this case, the quality of goods is actually the most crucial. Generally speaking, most of the goods with good quality will not worry about sales. Even if the promotion is not excellent, people will purchase them. After all, good goods can accumulate public praise. The longer it takes, the more consumers will accumulate and have greater influence. Almost all professionals will emphasize this point. Before joining the agency, it is necessary to inquire about the company's existing product varieties, skills, success stories of use, etc. Low end door and window brands are best not to act. According to the law of value, low-end brands must have poor product quality, after-sales quality problems must be more, and the collective cost is low, so it is difficult to have high profits. Low end products will be phased out by shopping malls, just as Xiali cars are less and less bought, Land Rover and BMW are increasingly bought

another important thing about the listing speed of manufacturers' new products is the speed at which manufacturers launch new products. According to the situation of construction and home decoration, powerful brands usually launch one or more new products every year. When selecting Acting brands, it is advocated to inquire and understand how many new products have been launched by the brands that are interested in joining in the past oneortwo years. New and cutting-edge brands will launch more new products, and old brands will be hard to turn around, and new product development will be slow

manufacturers' support generally speaking, manufacturers will provide some advertising, promotional materials, special offers, training support for dealers. Naturally, the more such support, the greater the assistance to dealers. When choosing Acting brands, we naturally tend to support more manufacturers

the manufacturer's pricing. The uneven pricing of door and window building materials will affect the sale of goods. If the brand positioning is high-end and has excellent shopping mall cognition, the pricing can be relatively high; If the grade is positioned at the middle and low end, the quotation should be relatively lower. This is in line with the law of the mall. When acting for a building materials and home furnishing brand, analyze whether the commodity pricing of the manufacturer meets the needs of the mall

the most important point of distribution profit is that when acting for a door and window brand, it is necessary to analyze the input-output ratio, especially the profit that can be generated, such as how much profit can be made by selling each commodity, and it can also be put into a quarter, half a year or annual period to evaluate the profit that may be achieved

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