Detailed inspection of new house decoration accept

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We generally check and accept new houses from the big ones, such as water circuit, and then pay attention to the small ones. What are the specific ones? Here is a brief introduction for you

house inspection not only includes the inspection of some major aspects, such as circuits and lighting, but also includes the inspection of many details, which are mentioned by many people. For example, telephone lines, thermal insulation facilities and so on are places where people are easy to forget the acceptance. Many things can be done well as long as we pay a little attention

the installation of electrical lines should be flat, firm and straight, and there should be conduits through the wall. The conduit connection must be tight, and the aluminum conductor connection shall not be twisted or tied. When using pipe wiring, the connection points must be tight. How can the decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. Reliable, so that the pipeline is structurally and electrically connected as a whole and has reliable grounding; The electricity meter shall be installed in sets (units) or the meter position shall be reserved, and the grounding device shall be provided

the installation support of low-voltage electrical appliances such as lighting appliances must be firm, with complete parts, good contact and correct position; All connection points of various lightning arresters must be firm and reliable

if there is an elevator, the elevator should be able to accurately start and run, select floors, level floors and stop floors, and the noise and vibration of the traction machine should not exceed the specified value. Brakes, speed limiters, alarms and other safety equipment should be sensitive and reliable

the quality of the house, including whether there are cracks in doors, windows, balconies and other parts; (balcony cracks are dangerous) because the new house will be empty for a long time, there will be some dust and construction waste in the door and window tracks, so don't be very impulsive. Push and pull the door and window with brute force. When you feel a sense of blockage, check it carefully, and then you can see it with a broom

for high-grade residences equipped with air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, electronic water heaters, electronic gas stoves, and electronic monitoring and alarm systems, check whether the electrical equipment can operate normally and whether all kinds of pipelines are safe and reliable

for houses equipped with telephones, check whether the telephone lines are opened as scheduled, whether the answering effect is harmonious, and whether the telephone charges have been paid. In addition, water inspection, sanitation, fire protection, supporting facilities and other equipment are also required

all kinds of roofs need to be drained smoothly without ponding and leakage. The flat roof shall be provided with heat insulation measures, and roof manholes shall be set in the public parts of houses with more than three floors

the balcony and the roof of houses with more than three floors should have organized drainage. The water outlet, eaves gutter and downpipe should be installed firmly, and the interface should be flat and dense without leakage

the surface course and the base course must be firmly bonded without hollowing, and the overall plane must be flat without cracks, peeling, sanding and other defects. Block material surface course (such as teak floor) should have flat surface, even and straight joints, and no missing edges and corners. The ground should be flat and firm, and the joints should be close




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