Cohen's new stove small steel gun kn57 shocked the

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Cohen's new stove small steel cannon kn57 shocked the market

Chinese people have high requirements for cooking. Each cooking method corresponds to different heat, food taste and even color and flavor. The cooking methods include "frying, exploding, frying, frying" and dozens of other methods, which are extremely complex. In the process of cooking, there is a step wrong, and the taste is prone to deviation, which is intolerable for some gourmets in the food industry. The so-called "if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools". In order to make delicious food, in addition to choosing fresh ingredients, it is also very important to choose high-quality gas stoves. For example, the new gas stove "small steel gun kn57" launched by Cohen appliance is famous for its high firepower and high energy efficiency. Its power like "small steel gun" and precise firepower control are the reasons why many consumers prefer it

as the initiator and pioneer of China's embedded gas stove, Cohen Electric has many years of experience in kitchen electrical product design and research and development, and has been committed to building a healthy kitchen belonging to the Chinese people. The configuration of the "small steel gun kn57" launched this time subverts the traditional design. The 750*440mm black crystal explosion-proof glass panel can withstand 800 ° high temperature, and the four corners break the conventional right angle side design and adopt arc design, Highlight the high-end taste: thickened cast iron pot rack to ensure the stability in the process of use: imported thermocouple flameout protection device, after more than 100000 times of tempering, the induction is more sensitive, durable, and ensure the safe use of the stove: small size, large energy explosion, in-line pipe, energy gathering ring design with Dacromet process stove head, the thermal efficiency is as high as 67%, far beyond the national first-class energy efficiency, energy saving more than 30%, Fully meet the national environmental protection standards

Cohen Electric is committed to building a leading, innovative and sustainable professional R & D and manufacturing enterprise of kitchen electrical products; Build brand and market for customers with technology and services; To create value and benefits, we not only integrate the elements of personality differentiation in appearance, but also introduce new leading technology into the gas appliance industry in energy conservation, environmental protection, health, safety and other aspects. Working hard to create a healthy kitchen and listening to users' opinions and needs is no longer limited to a product model and an overall kitchen solution, but also a healthy and intelligent lifestyle. From overall design, product linkage, space optimization, to brand one-stop service, let kitchen life become comfortable and elegant





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