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A new breakthrough in the retail channel and building repair market of Oriental Yuhong Malaysia

a new breakthrough in the retail channel and building repair market of Oriental Yuhong Malaysia

November 21, 2018

on November 17, 2018, the product launch and general agent signing ceremony of Oriental Yuhong Malaysia was successfully held at the Avante hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The response at the event was enthusiastic, and a total of 15 agents signed on site on that day

this promotion meeting aims to deepen the communication between Dongfang Yuhong and its partners in Malaysia, jointly explore the market, and promote mutual benefit and win-win results in various undertakings. The event attracted a total of more than 200 guests, including 150 construction practitioners and representatives from Qingdao construction international, China Railway Engineering, and other Chinese coating type by type testing

liuqinghe, chairman of the Malaysian hardware wholesalers' Association, Zeng Zhaokang, chairman of the Xuelong hardware and building materials retailers' Union, and others attended the event

at the meeting, Shan Dongning, manager of Dongfang Yuhong Southeast Asia, introduced the brand and product advantages of Dongfang Yuhong, and expressed his expectation for the common growth of Dongfang Yuhong and wholesalers and hardware merchants in Malaysia

1 it is generally available for more than 100000 times

Liu Jianming, executive director of Oriental waterproof Co., Ltd., general agent in Malaysia, expressed his trust and recognition for the product quality of Oriental Yuhong, and said that he would choose Oriental Yuhong to become a long-term partner in the channel market in Malaysia. Local civil building materials distributors said they look forward to working with high-quality enterprises such as Dongfang Yuhong to create a better future

in recent years, the pace of internationalization of Dongfang Yuhong has become more firm and powerful. Located at the crossroads of Southeast Asia, Malaysia, as an important supporting point of the "maritime Silk Road", has a huge market space in infrastructure and construction maintenance

from the beginning of entering Malaysia to do Chinese funded projects, the the Belt and Road to go to sea by boat, and then gradually develop local engineering channels, to now extend the scope of cooperation to end customers of civil building materials, which is the localization process of "do as the Romans do" in Malaysia. This activity is a milestone in opening up the civil construction market and a big step forward after Dongfang Yuhong entered Malaysia

Golden Bay, first World Hotel, forest city project... Oriental Yuhong has left its own quality mark in Malaysia. At the same time, it has also won the recognition of local customers and markets with high-quality products and system services

forest city in Malaysia

in the less developed regions of China

in the future, Dongfang Yuhong will continue to promote the international development strategy and bring higher quality products and services to the international market. A kind of detection device for changing the spring performance of car seats is very important. Going deep overseas, we are the Oriental Rainbow marching towards the world

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