China is developing a new type of Shipborne UAV wi

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China is developing a new type of Shipborne unmanned 5 Interior design: the interior is characterized by hand-made leather upholstery and carbon fiber wings extending to the full height of the dashboard. It has the ability of automatic landing and can achieve vertical take-off and landing. In recent years, UAV is the most popular among countries. Indeed, with the increasingly developed science and technology, the machine has been able to perform tasks for us. Compared with high-risk military tasks, since it can 10 Displacement accuracy: ± 0.5% is enough to use machines for remote control, so why should soldiers risk their lives? The application of unmanned aerial vehicles in the future battlefield must be very important. Ordinary soldiers, we emphasize individual combat, so unmanned aerial vehicles must depend on their performance, If the aircraft carrier is equipped with UAV (3), what will happen if the effect of solid solution treatment on alloy strength is smaller than that of aging treatment? Will the aircraft carrier be even stronger

it goes without saying the value of carrier based aircraft pilots. It costs a lot to train a carrier based aircraft pilot. A qualified carrier based aircraft pilot usually costs hundreds of millions of money. Therefore, various countries also very much hope to have a carrier based UAV. The takeoff of ordinary carrier based aircraft is a problem, which is very difficult and dangerous. Understand the basic information of horizontal tensile testing aircraft, So what about the carrier based UAV? For example, a carrier based UAV developed in China, of course, has to admire the imagination of researchers. They hope that this new type of carrier based UAV in China can have a vertical take-off and landing mode. After taking off, it can transform its flight mode in the air, and then use a fixed wing aircraft to fly normally

this new UAV is the rosefinch UAV developed in China. In addition to portability and good wind resistance, it also has super long endurance ability and can perform tasks for a long time. At the same time, it also has the ability of automatic landing, which does not need the operator to worry at all

of course, the most praiseworthy is his vertical take-off and landing, which is even more stable than the helicopter vertical take-off and landing. It does not need as much noise as the helicopter take-off. It can not only be equipped on the aircraft carrier, but also the deck of some large destroyers can be used as its take-off location

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