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Oriental red sandals shine 2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Oriental red sandals shine 2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

China Construction machinery information

recently, the 2015 China International Agricultural machinery exhibition jointly organized by the three major agricultural machinery associations was grandly opened in Qingdao International Expo Center. Mr. Maohong, President of the agricultural machinery circulation association, presided over the opening ceremony. Mr. Li Weiguo, Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture, announced the official start of the 2015 International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

on the same day, although there was a fog under the ground in Qingdao, it did not affect users' use of the rain, but it did not weaken the excitement of the audience, and the exhibition site was crowded and crowded. A battle of brand competition for agricultural machinery at home and abroad, a luxury feast gathering the strength of agricultural machinery at home and abroad quietly opened

as the leader of China's tractor industry, China YITUO Group showed the audience the dongfanghong-c1802e high-power crawler tractor, dongfanghong-c702s light crawler tractor, dongfanghong-lf2204 power shift High-power Tractor, dongfanghong-me454 wheeled tractor and other models that represent the technical level of China's high-end agricultural equipment

"how does the dongfanghong-c1802e high-power crawler tractor torsion bar shock absorption walking system bearing material tensile testing machine detect? The load is stronger; the wet steering clutch rear axle is more reliable; the rubber crawler improves the road trafficability; equipped with a reverse imaging system and a new cab, it will be easier to drive." Master Guo from Beipiao City, Liaoning Province praised repeatedly

Lin general, from Liansheng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, expressed strong willingness to distribute dongfanghong-c702s light crawler tractor, and asked the staff in detail about the various functions and technical characteristics of this model. When we learned that this model adopts reinforced frame, mid mounted traveling frame, independent suspension system, bulldozer shovel that can carry out light load bulldozing operation and other technologies, He then said, "the beautiful overall appearance and humanized cab of this light crawler tractor make everyone look more 'fan'. The perfect triangular crawler walking structure, stepless speed change and high passing performance are more conducive to the realization of paddy field conservation farming. It is certain that this light crawler tractor will be able to make great achievements in the southern paddy field market and have broad market prospects.

it is reported that the annual grand ceremony of the agricultural machinery industry will be The "2015 China Agricultural Machinery Industry annual award ceremony" was also held at the same time. From the leading experts of the Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, business people and industry media, we can see how to do the flexural strength test of concrete blocks? Next, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce to you in detail: it proves the grand occasion of the annual award. Dongfanghong-c1402 crawler tractor won the "product Gold Award"

with the continuous technological innovation, quality reliability, driving comfort and other aspects of the Dongfanghong crawler tractor series products, and under the continuous guidance of the national economic policies such as the "the Belt and Road" and "land circulation", its market prospect will be broader, and it will also make great contributions to the construction of Agricultural Mechanization in China and the promotion of China's agricultural modernization into the winding fixture process

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