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Dongfang Risheng Jintan project received a government subsidy of 65million. What about other companies

the Oriental Risheng Jintan project received a government subsidy of 65million. What about other companies

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original title: the Oriental Risheng Jintan project received a government subsidy of 65million. What about other companies

on the evening of June 10, Dongfang Risheng () announced that its holding company, Dongfang Risheng (Changzhou) new energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfang Risheng Changzhou"), had received a special incentive fund of 64.987 million yuan from the people's Government of Zhixi Town, Jintan District, Changzhou City. Energy one learned that the reward will greatly increase the company's net profit in 2019 according to the categories in Table 12

Dongfang Risheng said that according to the provisions of the accounting standards for Business Enterprises No. 16 - government subsidies, the government subsidies related to assets refer to the government subsidies obtained by enterprises and used for the purchase and construction or other forms of long-term assets; Government subsidies related to income refer to government subsidies other than those related to assets. The type of subsidy is income related government subsidy, which is expected to increase the total profit of the lubrication division at the bottom of the public demand gap this year by 64.987 million

Dongfang Risheng Changzhou company is the main investor of the "photovoltaic module and photovoltaic cell production line" project established by Dongfang Risheng in Changzhou, with a total investment of up to 8billion yuan. Considering the construction plan and the needs of the company's own development, it plans to invest by stages from December 2017 to December 2020. The first phase of the project plans to invest 5billion to purchase 18 cell production lines and 8 module production lines, forming a capacity of 3.4gw high-efficiency solar cells and 4gw high-efficiency solar modules. At present, the company has 9 battery production lines and 4 component production lines put into operation

in the second phase of the recent key development project, the project plans to invest 3 billion yuan to purchase 9 cell production lines and 4 module production lines, and increase the production capacity of 1.6gw high-efficiency solar cells and 1GW high-efficiency solar modules. According to media reports, Dongfang Risheng introduced the world's leading supply chain and manufacturing operation system into Jintan project for the first time, and realized the process reengineering of photovoltaic production with high efficiency and high turnover rate through JIT, intellectualization, automation, introduction of photovoltaic big data and artificial intelligence and other innovative tools

in 2018, the operating income of Dongfang Risheng was as high as 9.752 billion, the net profit of the company was 228 million, and the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 232 million. Therefore, the latest subsidy will be extremely important. 3. Trial operation: select an appropriate speed to make the experimental machine run up and down, which greatly increases the net profit of the company in 2019, and accounts for more than 30% of the net profit in 2018

according to the statistics extracted from wind in the daily economy, the analysis of the government subsidy data of 26 photovoltaic enterprises from 2015 to 2017 shows that the subsidy of TBEA () in these three years has exceeded 100million, 420 million, 310 million and 260 million respectively. In the same period, the net profits attributable to shareholders of TBEA were 1.9 billion, 2.2 billion and 2.2 billion respectively. In addition to TBEA, two photovoltaic enterprises also received government subsidies of more than 100million yuan in 2017, and other enterprises received government subsidies of no more than 100million yuan from 2015 to 2017

in the first half of 2018, how about the support/subsidy received by nearly 150 large-scale photovoltaic enterprises? Statistics from Blackhawk PV show that TBEA is 63.93 million, Xinyi solar energy is 55.92 million, Shunfeng clean energy is 53.05 million, Beikong clean energy is 34.95 million, tride is 27.51 million, Jiawei shares is 21.19 million, Zhongli group is 15.28 million, Guojian Xinneng is 12.76 million, Zhonghuan shares is 12.65 million, Beijing Yuntong is 11.9 million, Hengdian dongci and dongxulantian are 11.45 million and 11.54 million respectively, Aikang technology is 10.91 million, Jiejia Weichuang is 10.67 million, and foster is 9.11 million, Keshida is 7.47 million, Taiji industry is 7.22 million, CSG A and yamadon exceed 6million and 5.84 million respectively. In addition, yishite's subsidy is more than 4 million, Lin Yang energy is 3.67 million, aerospace Electromechanical is 2.87 million, and tuorixinneng is 2.84 million

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