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China is willing to transfer excess capacity to ASEAN countries. The 17th ASEAN China (10 + 1) leaders' meeting was held in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, on the afternoon of the 13th. Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council of China, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, saying that China is willing to work with ASEAN to jointly build a "Diamond decade" with the test to prove the bonding strength of its coated thermoplastic composite hybrid parts

according to the tradition of ASEAN, before the dialogue meeting, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang first took a big group photo with the leaders of the ten ASEAN countries hand in hand, symbolizing their close relationship

Li Keqiang later delivered a speech on the development of China ASEAN relations at the meeting. He said that over the past year, China ASEAN relations have made great progress. The China ASEAN Free Trade Area upgrade board negotiation reached a consensus and held the first round of negotiations

Li Keqiang also mentioned the sovereignty dispute in the South China Sea between China and some ASEAN countries in his speech. He said that the South China Sea is generally stable, and the freedom and safety of navigation are guaranteed. Since this year, China has adapted to a relatively large pull, and has conducted effective communication and dialogue with ASEAN on the South China Sea issue, and has reached many important consensus. China will adhere to the dual track approach to deal with the South China Sea issue, which is almost a bad idea for all the paper industry

Li Keqiang said, "China and ASEAN are close neighbors with extensive common interests, but they also have different concerns, and it is inevitable that there will be some differences. It is not surprising that when neighbors get along, there will always be bumps."

Li Keqiang said that the China ASEAN strategic partnership has entered a new stage in history. In order to build a community of shared future between China and ASEAN, he put forward a number of suggestions, including working together to plan a grand strategy for the development of China ASEAN relations, jointly building an upgrade board for the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, carefully creating new highlights of maritime cooperation, and striving to ensure the double security of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machines in traditional fields and non-traditional fields, We will actively explore new areas of cooperation in humanities, science, technology and environmental protection, and accelerate the construction of a foundation for connectivity

Li Keqiang said, "our steel, cement, flat glass and other Chinese equipment are in surplus for the Chinese market at present, but it is not low-quality production capacity, but high-quality production capacity. We are willing to transfer these enterprises to countries where ASEAN infrastructure construction needs by means of investment and produce nearby."

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