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Oriental Yuhong held the establishment and partner recruitment meeting of the industrial construction division

Oriental Yuhong held the establishment and partner recruitment meeting of the industrial construction division

August 03, 2020

August 1, 2020. In practice, the establishment and partner recruitment kick-off meeting of the industrial construction division was held at the Jiande production base of Oriental Yuhong, Widely recruit partners who are willing to seek common development in the fields of waterproof, floor, fire prevention, corrosion prevention and other industrial maintenance systems. More than 9000 people were broadcast live online, and more than 150 industrial construction partners and interested partners attended the conference to seek common development and talk about the future

Oriental Yuhong signed an on-site contract with its intended partners

Zhang Zhiping, President of Oriental Yuhong engineering building materials group, first delivered an opening speech, and combined with the background of the times, made an in-depth analysis of the development status and prospects of the industrial construction field. She said that Oriental Yuhong established TPO business department in 2010 and has been deeply engaged in industrial construction for many years, which has laid a solid foundation for vigorously developing industrial construction at present. With the support of resources such as R & D, construction, procurement and brand of Oriental Yuhong, excellent partners with volunteers, ability, strength and resources are welcome to show their strength and jointly build an aircraft carrier battle group in the industrial construction field of Oriental Yuhong

it is reported that Oriental Yuhong has long-term scientific and orderly development of business partners, forming a "partner mechanism" to share vision, seek common development and create value. Anyone who is capable, takes the right path and is willing to work hard for his career will have the opportunity to join the partner team of Oriental Yuhong. Through institutional arrangements, Oriental Yuhong is guided by long-term incentives to fundamentally stimulate the initiative of partners and realize the aggregation effect

Wang Hong, general manager of the industrial construction business department of the engineering building materials group, made a keynote speech on "gathering potential, empowering and seeking common development", introducing the current development scale and achievements of Oriental Yuhong in the field of industrial construction. In order to meet the needs of the fast-paced development of the company, Oriental Yuhong established an industrial construction business department, which aims to focus on the non real estate field, deeply cultivate industrial buildings, and comprehensively develop TPO roof system, de'aiwei industrial floor system, Yanghe, Yueda insulation system, anti-corrosion coating, Fuda extruded board, teweiqiang vapor permeable membrane and other related products and services in industrial fields. More than 50 marketing teams, more than 40 engineering and technical teams, and three major product systems (roofing, corrosion protection, and industrial floor self-locking are generally inversely proportional to transmission efficiency) of the industrial construction division will provide partners with professional, refined, and all-round system service support. We hope to work together with those who share the same interests in the professional field, work together, and create a win-win situation

Li Jianjun, chief engineer of the industrial construction division, analyzed in detail the impact of the new specifications and standards on the waterproof market, and said that the industrial construction division will provide strong support for partners to develop the industrial construction market through multi-dimensional market and technical services

excellent partners Lin Hui and Ma Hailei shared their experience in combination with their own practical experience, as well as their TPO product business and TPO industrial construction project cases

Wu RuRu, the marketing manager of Shanghai Yueda, Qin Feng, the factory director of de'aiwei Jiande factory, Liu Guiling, the manager of de'aiwei engineering service platform, and Tao Jing, the manager of high-performance products, explained and introduced the system advantages of Yueda rigid polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene board (XPS), cold chain insulation system, de'aiwei business product system, industrial floor system solutions and so on

its essence is self fission under the law of the business jungle

after the meeting, the interested partners and their delegation visited the Oriental Yuhong Jiande production base and the de Aiwei Jiande factory, online customers watched the live broadcast of construction demonstrations, participated in technical interactive answers, and felt the scientific research and innovation achievements, intelligent and automated production lines, and standardized construction services of Oriental Yuhong closely

Dewei Jiande factory

automatic curve following makes the service more systematic and the cooperation process more concise. It is expected that in the future, more and more like-minded people who fear the market, adhere to quality and have the spirit of struggle will join the ranks of "Oriental Yuhong people" to jointly protect the building and value

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