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Dongfang Seiko forged brand value with innovation

as a leading enterprise in the domestic medium and high-end corrugated box printing into a set of equipment as a whole, its scale and strength have always been the focus of the industry, and its deep and solid enterprise soft and hard internal skills are the source power of its sustainable development

first, management soft power

the management of Oriental Seiko has been deeply involved in the corrugated box printing and packaging equipment industry. Its professional behavior ability has cultivated leaders' keen market insight, deeply grasped the pulse of market changes, accurately led the development trend of the industry, and formed a market-oriented management mechanism to quickly respond to market changes

the company took the lead in passing the international quality management system certification in 2002; In 2005, it was the first to apply ERP management system in the industry; CRM customer relationship management system was applied in 2007. Dongfang Seiko has in-depth cooperation with Kingdee software, the largest software management enterprise in China, to continuously promote the improvement of organizational ability with informatization and standardization, improve the comprehensive management ability of the enterprise, and effectively reduce the dependence on uncertain factors such as employee experience, sense of responsibility, and work mood

II. Technological hard power

through years of scientific and technological innovation and technological reform, Oriental Seiko has formed mature and unique leading advantages in various links of carton packaging equipment, such as paper feeding unit, printing unit, slotting unit, die cutting unit, finishing of non-standard parts, electrical control and other core technologies, and has accumulated standard and mature production process

at present, Dongfang Seiko has more than 70 full-time R & D personnel, accounting for about 13% of the company's total employees. It has obtained 22 authorized patents and 20 patents under application. At the same time, Dongfang precision industry has launched various strategic cooperation with many colleges and universities such as Guangdong University of technology, forming an enterprise + University R & D model. In 2010, Oriental Seiko became the only key high-tech enterprise in the industry under the national torch plan; In 2011, Dongfang Seiko was recognized as the provincial enterprise technology center of Guangdong Province, and entrusted by the national industry association, it became the first drafting unit of China's corrugated box printing industry standards for the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development of complete sets of brushing equipment and carton gluing machine equipment; In July 2012, it was rated as one of the top 100 in China's packaging industry, ranking fifth in the packaging machinery industry and first in the corrugated box printing equipment industry; In August 2012, Dongfang Seiko successfully developed the world's first flexographic printing double servo eight color printing die-cutting equipment. These honors witnessed the hard power of Dongfang Seiko in technology research and development. Over the years, Dongfang Seiko has continued to innovate in the technology of carton packaging and printing complete sets of equipment, leading the industry and standing out from its peers. Focusing on the in-depth research and application of electromechanical numerical control servo technology and application, and in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, it has continuously developed forward-looking products that meet market demand

third, the authenticity of products + services

by gradually building a complete industrial chain, Dongfang Seiko meets the needs of different customers with rich products. Its APStar lower printer series, topra upper printer series, FFG automatic box gluing machine series and related pre and post printing process equipment have formed a complete product library, which can meet the comprehensive market needs of domestic and overseas customers, and lay a solid foundation for the expansion of Dongfang Seiko

at the same time, Dongfang Seiko put forward its corporate mission to become an international leading overall solution provider of carton packaging equipment in 2010, aiming to provide customers with complete overall solutions before, during and after sales. Judging from the actual application before the project won time for the enterprise, Dongfang Seiko has achieved certain results. For example, they assisted Dongguan Haifu packaging to formulate a new plant technology migration plan, which won great praise from Haifu packaging, believing that this was an excellent innovation in customer service

as Mr. Tang Zhuolin, chairman of Dongfang Seiko, said: the competition in the future is not just a single competition of products or technologies, but a competition of products + services. What Dongfang Seiko needs to do is to let customers continue to grow in the market, and then Dongfang Seiko can continue to grow. This is the core concept of Dongfang Seiko's future business. Through the continuous innovation of soft and hard strength, Dongfang Seiko forged the shining brand value of Dongfang Seiko

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