Measures to prevent objects from striking the hott

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Measures to prevent objects from striking

1 qualified helmets must be worn correctly when entering the construction site

2 when working at the upper and lower levels at heights at the same time, tight and firm protective and isolation facilities should be set up in the middle to prevent falling objects from hurting people. The delivery tool should use a tool bag and should not be thrown up and down. Personnel are not allowed to pass and stay under high-altitude operations, and fences or barriers should be set up, and warning signs should be hung

3 the fixed fixtures of drilling machines, metal cutting machines and other processing parts should be intact, and the anti fixture falling off device should be reliable. During processing, the fixture should clamp the workpiece to prevent the workpiece from flying off and hurting people

4 it is forbidden to install the grinder in the place directly facing the nearby equipment and operators or where people often pass by. Generally, a special grinding machine room should be set up in the larger workshop. If it is really impossible to set a special grinding machine room due to the terrain of the plant, a protective baffle with a height of not less than 1.8m shall be installed on the front of the grinding machine, and the baffle shall be firm and effective. The grinding machine must be regularly checked for matching, protection, grounding, etc. The grinding wheel must be equipped with a protective cover made of steel plate, and its strength should ensure to block the fragments when the grinding wheel breaks. The maximum opening angle of the grinding wheel protective cover shall not exceed 90. When grinding the workpiece with a grinder, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel and should not stand on the front of the grinding wheel to operate, so as to avoid flying out of the grinding wheel or breaking and flying out of the grinding wheel to hurt people when the grinding wheel breaks down

5 the portable high-speed grinder used on the production site should be operated by experienced staff. Check whether the grinding tools match before use. It is forbidden to use the low speed grinding wheel on the high-speed grinder. It is forbidden to apply other grinding wheel blades or grinding tools to self-made fixtures to prevent people from being injured by broken grinding wheel blades

6 when unloading the cement pole, in addition to laying a mask to prevent the car body from tilting and the pole from rolling to hurt people, it should also be fixed with a rope. It is not allowed to roll several cement poles to the side of the car at the same time, and one should be loosened and one should be placed

7 when unloading the pole, a ramp should be formed by using a springboard or logs. When rolling down, the rope should be used to slide down and roll down slowly. It is strictly forbidden to stand in front of the sliding pole

8 more than one person must lift the pole with the same shoulder and step in step. When lifting the pole, they should echo each other

9 where the cement rod is pulled up the mountain with a rope, the cement rod must be tied firmly, and the steel wire rope must not touch the ground. In addition, it can be assembled into a tissue engineering support surface. Within 5m on both sides of the mountain climbing route, grasp various operation precautions, and no one is allowed to stay or pass

10 when tightening the line, check whether the connecting pipe or connector, pulley, cross arm, crossing frame, tree, house, etc. are stuck. The staff shall not stand on the inner corner side and above the conductor to prevent accidental running and injury

11 no one is allowed in the pole pit during pole erection. Except for the commander and the designated person, other personnel must stay away from the distance of 1.2 times the height of the pole

12 when working at heights, it is strictly forbidden to throw or pick up objects. Operators at heights should prevent touching falling objects and hurting people. The tools and materials used should be transferred by ropes

13 tools, materials and other sundries shall not be placed on the slope piled up by the excavated soil

14 communication tools used in high-altitude operation must be tied with ropes and buckled on the belt to prevent personal injury or equipment damage caused by falling off

15 in the process of using manual grinding, it must be implemented to prevent the grinding from suddenly rotating the pull rod and hurting people; In the process of using the motorized winch, the construction personnel are not allowed to stand in the ring of the grinding rope or step on the grinding rope

16 the rotator and connecting sleeve for stringing construction must pass the tensile test before use. It is not allowed to enter the drum for bending during use

17 the stringing process is forbidden. Next, let's introduce the different sub contact methods and the corresponding experimental machine to stop the personnel from working or staying

18 temporary stay wires shall not be used for poles and towers erected overnight. When it is necessary to stay overnight, safety measures shall be taken for temporary stay wires. All temporary stay wires must be removed after all permanent stay wires are installed, and the removal shall be under the unified command of the person in charge on site

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