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A person on duty was burned due to toluene leakage and deflagration in Xiaogan No.1 pharmaceutical factory

a person on duty was burned due to toluene leakage and deflagration in Xiaogan No.1 pharmaceutical factory

January 20, 2011

[China paint information] at about 5:40 yesterday morning, Hubei Yuancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., located near the Ronghe ship lock in Xiaonan District of national highway 107, was burned due to toluene leakage. After more than half an hour of efforts, more than 40 firefighters in the city put out the fire without causing a greater accident

the firefighters arrived at the scene after receiving the alarm and found that because the fire area was too large, a number of ignition points had formed around the plant, and the fire had spread outside the plant, emitting a pungent smell. It is said that a research team was formed, and a person on duty was burned on the spot

the plant of this unit has three workshops: cinnamate workshop, coating workshop and pilot plant. The fire site is located in the pilot plant, which stores a large number of processed essence finished products, which are inflammables. Not only that, there are six storage tanks full of acetaldehyde nearby (acetaldehyde is flammable and volatile, and vapor and air can form an explosive mixture). If leakage occurs accidentally, the consequences are unpredictable

on the one hand, firefighters put out fire at the fire point, dilute and degrade the concentration of leakage, and at the same time, cool the surrounding tanks to prevent explosion. At about 6:40, the fire was completely under control

according to the preliminary investigation of Xiaogan police, the accident was caused by the improper operation of Lu (male, 25 years old, from Huanggang), a production technician of the unit. As a result, the toluene pipeline was a hydraulic system with a maximum experimental force of $%% Tu, which was used for an electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine that could be tested whether there was a static gap or not. At present, Lu is being treated in hospital and has been out of danger

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