Measures to reduce the loss of dry consumption in

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Measures to reduce dry consumption loss in fruit refrigeration

1. For fruits stored for a long time, it is best to pack them with plastic film or use coating technology to use polyvinyl chloride or polyhexene film, with a film thickness of 0.02 ~ 0.05 cm

2. The fuel tank is made of stainless steel plate. If the fruit is not suitable for film packaging, the temperature in the warehouse should be appropriately reduced and the relative humidity should be kept high. When the relative humidity is lower than 85%, humidifier should be used appropriately, or wet straw curtain can be hung, and the box with wet sawdust in the warehouse can be used to humidify, so that the humidity in the warehouse can be kept at 90 ~ 95% without peeling

When the fruit temperature drops to the storage temperature, the air volume and wind speed of the cooling fan nozzle in the warehouse should be properly controlled. The wind speed is controlled within 0.3 M/s

4. Try to reduce the number of door opening to avoid the entry of external heat. Ventilation should be carried out in the morning with hydraulic oil with high viscosity in the clear summer

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