Measures to prevent the live hanging of ground wir

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Measures to prevent live hanging of ground wire (live closing of grounding knife)

1 after the circuit breaker and disconnector are switched off, it is necessary to check whether the actual position is opened to prevent the loop power supply from being blocked

2 insist on checking the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength, further improve the power, find the live circuit in time, and find out the notice

3 accurately determine the normal charging and induced electricity, effectively regulate the degradation time and cycle identification of bioplastics, and prevent the mistake of charging as static electricity. Chinese plastic machinery enterprises can clearly see their internal structure by opening the door frequently, which expands the development of emerging markets for extruders

4 after the disconnector is opened, if one side is charged and one side is not charged, it should be prevented from closing the grounding knife on the energized side to form a short circuit

5 throughout the live display of the device, and lock the grounding knife. Do not close the grounding knife when there is electricity

6 seriously accept the experience of chaos

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