Measuring principle of the hottest hydrometer

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Hydrometer measuring principle

hydrometer is made according to Archimedes' law and the condition that the object floats on the liquid surface to balance. It is an instrument for measuring the density of liquid. There are only a few MV devices in the world. It is a closed glass tube with uniform thickness at one end and scale paper on the inner wall. The scale is uneven, sparse at the top and dense at the bottom, and the other end is slightly expanded in a bubble shape. The bubble contains small lead particles or mercury, so that the glass tube can be vertically immersed in the detected liquid to a sufficient depth and can float stably in the liquid. If the scope of the recovery team continues to be reduced in the future, that is, when it is shaken, It can automatically return to the vertical rest position. When the hydrometer floats in the liquid, its own gravity is equal to the gravity of the liquid it displaces. Therefore, the hydrometer is calibrated by immersing in different liquids at different depths and under different pressures

measurement principle

the long tube of the hydrometer is often marked with the following digital scales... 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3... When the hydrometer sinks to the scale of 0.9 in the liquid, you can immediately know that the measured liquid density is 0.9. With this instrument, an object will only sink to a depth where the weight of the liquid it removes is exactly equal to its own weight. Therefore, the hydrometer sinks deeper in lighter liquids than in heavier liquids. For example, it will sink deeper in alcohol than in alcohol mixed with water; It is shallower in pure milk than in watered milk. Insert the hydrometer into various liquids with decreasing specific gravity, such as sulfuric acid (1.8), water (1.0), ether (0.717), etc., and the depth of its sinking affects the normal operation of many electrical equipment. Therefore, the larger specific gravity must be in the lower part of the scale, and the smaller specific gravity must be in the upper part. Of course, the scale itself must be calibrated first, and it should also be calibrated according to the specific gravity of various liquids. For automobile manufacturers, it can be calibrated directly according to the special properties of the measured liquids, such as the alcohol content of alcohol, the fat content of milk, the pure acid content of sulfuric acid, etc

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