Measures to prevent lamps from catching fire

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Measures to prevent lamps from catching fire

according to the above analysis of the causes of the formation of fire, the following measures can be taken to prevent lamps from forming fire

1. In places with inflammable and explosive gases or inflammable and explosive dust, in inflammable warehouses (or cotton warehouses), sealed explosion-proof lamps should be used, or the lamps should be separated from the illuminated places with glass under the condition of constant temperature

2. It is understood that when changing the screw bulb, the arc connecting cover should be used to cover the bulb to prevent sparks from splashing and igniting inflammables. Special attention should be paid to the use of arc connecting cover in places where inflammables are piled up

3. When the fluorescent lamp is found to have wandering flicker, it is a manifestation of excessive current. Check whether the ballast is overheated in time. If overheated ballast button curve detector is found, replace it in time. Ballasts are not allowed to be directly fixed on combustibles

4. Each lamp should be equipped with a fuse as short-circuit protection

5. Regularly check the power supply of lamps

6. If overheated lamp cap is found, electronic universal testing machine shall be used. The working principle of small tension test motor air shall be adjusted to zero value and replaced in time

7. Remove combustibles near incandescent bulbs in time

8. Pay attention to check whether the connectors between wires and lamp caps are intact

9. The wire near the halogen lamp tube shall be heat-resistant insulated wire

in short, it is management work to prevent lamps from catching fire

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