Measures to prevent noise pollution at the hottest

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Various measures to prevent noise pollution at the construction site

civilized construction is advocated at the construction site, and a management system to control artificial noise is established and improved. Try to reduce artificial noise and enhance the consciousness of all construction personnel to prevent noise from disturbing the residents

2. Control of strong noise operation time

where strong noise operation is carried out in densely populated areas, the operation time shall be strictly controlled. The night operation shall not exceed 22 o'clock, and the morning operation shall not be earlier than 6 o'clock. If continuous operation (or night operation) is required under special circumstances, noise reduction measures shall be taken as far as possible, the work of the surrounding people shall be done in advance, and the construction can be carried out only after reporting to the relevant competent department for filing

3. Noise reduction measures for strong noise machinery

the excessive growth momentum of production capacity has been curbed

(1) involving the processing and manufacturing of finished and semi-finished products that produce strong noise (such as prefabricated components, wood door and window manufacturing, etc.), it should be completed in factories and workshops as far as possible to reduce the noise caused by the processing and manufacturing on the construction site

(2) try to choose construction machinery with low noise or equipped with noise reduction equipment. The machinery with strong noise (such as mixer, electric saw, electric planer, grinding machine, etc.) on the construction site shall be provided with a closed machinery shed to reduce the spread of strong noise caused by oil trapping

4. Strengthen the noise monitoring on the construction site

strengthen the long-term monitoring of the environmental noise on the construction site, adopt the principle of special personnel management, and fill in the noise measurement record form of the construction site according to the measurement results. If the noise exceeds the standard of the noise limit at the construction site, timely adjust the relevant factors of the noise exceeding the standard on the construction site, and take advantage of the east wind in this report to achieve the purpose of the construction noise not disturbing the residents. It has not yet formed a system level standardized product with international competitiveness

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