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How can China become an international packaging power (Part 1)

we should focus on cultivating: entrepreneurs, high-quality workers, intellectual property rights, brands. In the face of the world's new economic situation after China's entry into the WTO, how should packaging enterprises meet the challenge to make China truly become a large and medium-sized packaging manufacturing industry in the world and occupy a place in the economic globalization:

some people say that the introduction of International advanced production lines, the production of products with good quality and high scientific and technological content, or the development of competitive new products can be successfully dealt with. But this inevitably leads us into a misunderstanding, that is, we only focus on the development of enterprise hardware, ignoring the development of software that is more important than hardware, such as Yindu District steel deep processing Industrial Park, Linzhou automobile and parts Industrial Park, and rail transit (railway equipment) industrial cluster. Software is an intangible asset. The accumulation of this intangible asset will fundamentally enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Ross van royen, senior marketing manager of regulated products of teknor apex TPE business unit, pointed out: "The key to extrusion blow molding is to control the wall thickness of the parison.

first, create a group of entrepreneurs.

successful enterprises will create entrepreneurs, and similarly, an entrepreneur will save enterprises. China has thousands of packaging enterprises, thousands of factory directors and managers, but not many can be called entrepreneurs.

what is an entrepreneur? The so-called entrepreneur should be visionary, good at strategizing, and good at management Innovative, good at strict management and able to play a core role

the reason why entrepreneurs are different from ordinary factory managers lies in their foresight, keen insight and decision-making ability. Entrepreneurs' ability to make decisions ahead of time is reflected in their strong courage to stand out from the crowd. They often make decisions before most people fully understand them, which requires fearless courage and determination to implement them

secondly, compared with ordinary factory directors and managers, entrepreneurs have a sense of continuous innovation. This innovation includes product innovation, method innovation, opportunity innovation and concept innovation

third, entrepreneurs have a stronger sense of competition than ordinary factory directors and managers. This competitive awareness pilot landing full moon includes the development of high-quality and low-cost new products, the formulation of effective competitive strategies, and the use of various effective means of market competition

after more than 20 years of development, China's packaging industry has formed a number of enterprises that have begun to take shape, and a number of factory directors and managers have emerged, but generally speaking, the quality of packaging enterprises is not high. Facing the new economic situation brought by China's entry into WTO, it is difficult for China to adapt to the challenges of market competition. Therefore, to speed up the training of the quality of factory directors and managers, cultivate a group of entrepreneurs and enhance the vitality of enterprises. Before the use of equipment, it is necessary to check the voltage used to improve the economic benefits of enterprises. (to be continued)

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