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How do small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises choose managed CRM system? President Xiao, boss Rong and engineer Zheng are old classmates for many years. After graduation for more than ten years, three people have experienced different work experiences in the same city. President Xiao works as a customer director in a foreign company and is in charge of the daily sales business of the whole company. The work coordination between branches and departments around the company makes him very busy every day; Boss Rong started his own business and set up a small foreign trade company. His daily business and the management of the company's salesperson occupied all his energy; Engineer Zheng has been engaged in technical work for many years. His expertise and understanding of IT technology makes him comfortable in the position of IT consultant

every weekend, the three of them always meet together to talk about all kinds of happiness and troubles in work and life. After drinking and eating, President Xiao talked about his recent troubles

medium sized enterprises: there are many hidden dangers in customer management

"recently, the company is really busy. It has to hold three or four meetings every day, coordinate with its branches, analyze the market situation and customer needs, and take time to visit those big customers... Alas, such a large amount of work is really unbearable."

Mr. Xiao complained: "Just like this, from morning till night, there are always such and such troubles in business from time to time. Two days ago, a customer found our sales, hoping to buy a set of equipment produced by us. Under the guidance of the sales staff, this customer has basically determined the purchase meaning, and the rest is to sign the order to buy. But at this juncture, the competitor also found this customer, and said that their products except one In addition to the general functions, it also has some additional personalized functions. Therefore, the customer went to our salesperson to ask, and the answer was that our product did not have such a function. "

" I was on a business trip in the south at that time, and I learned about it after I came back. In desperation, the customer terminated the cooperation with us, and a big order that had been eaten was lost! "Mr. Xiao said, shaking his head helplessly.

" Oh? Foreign enterprises like you will also have such problems? "Mr. Xiao said all kinds of unhappiness that happened in the company, and boss Rong, who listened carefully, asked puzzled.

" of course, in a large company like us, there are many people and things in the sales link, and anything can happen. If there is a problem in one link, it will often involve the overall situation, and the whole thing will be wasted! "Mr. Xiao continued.

" two days after that, another customer called our salesperson to ask some technical questions about the use of the device control program. There are many different versions of this program, and there are technical differences between each version. But the customer doesn't know what version of the control program he brought when purchasing the equipment before, so he can only describe it roughly. But at that time, all the information about selling products to customers was only recorded in the salesperson's own notebook. After a year, the employee had left, and these specific customer sales information could not be found. "

" when the customer bought the equipment, what control program he brought, whether it was the version before or after the upgrade, these are the materials that the company must use in customer service. Without records, it is impossible to provide effective support services to customers. As a result, it is natural for customers to be dissatisfied. "Speaking of this, Mr. Xiao looked at boss Rong beside him." it's still a small company like you that is easy to handle affairs. The process is simple and clear, the number of customers is small, and the change of interface personnel is small. If there is really something, boss Rong will solve everything by slapping a board. "

hearing President Xiao's words, boss Rong smiled bitterly. He lit a cigarette and said," Alas, old Xiao, you have great difficulties, and I have small difficulties, too. "

small enterprises: sales management becomes a problem

" you don't know that although my small company's business seems to be smooth on the surface, it actually has a lot of problems to deal with every day. "Boss Rong said.

" just like the problems you just said, it is also common in my place. What's more, last week, a new salesman received an order from a customer, but he just came to work and didn't know much about the company's products. He mistakenly placed an order for similar products of another brand with this customer. After receiving the order, the customer immediately went to the company for replacement. However, it happened that the goods the customer wanted were not in stock at that time, which delayed the customer for two days and caused people to complain. "Boss Rong said, taking a deep breath of smoke.

" in fact, I can fully understand these complaints of customers. Most of the time, customers' dissatisfaction with you does not necessarily lie in your poor products, but in your attitude in the sales and service links. They will think that you don't even know what and how much your product inventory is, indicating that there are problems in the company's management and service quality. "Boss Rong changed the subject and said," speaking of it, some time ago, I heard that one of our peers used what information system, which seemed to have a good effect. What customer data, transaction data and inventory data are all managed by computer. It is not only convenient, but also error free. "

" it's also true. I think now even the express delivery companies have used the information system. Which company sent it, which received it, who sent it, and how long it took. During this period, their delivery level has also been greatly improved. "President Xiao answered and said," by the way, isn't Xiao Zheng a professional in this field? Let's talk about the friction between water, gas and other pollutants. What kind of information products can make the sales work orderly? What applicable products do foreign enterprises like us have? "

Customer Management: CRM trouble shooting Bureau

engineer Zheng, who has been sitting opposite, saw that the two people had talked about the topic here, so he said:" this problem is not difficult in fact. It can be solved with only one set of software. "" really? "Mr. Xiao doesn't believe it very much." engineer Zheng said, "the problems you mentioned are nothing more than the lack of effective customer sales management. In this case, especially for sales enterprises like you, the key to solving the problem is to choose a suitable CRM system. "

President Xiao was like a treasure, and hurriedly said," really? That would be great. However, I don't understand this CRM system. I just heard that our company seems to use some ERP. Can you introduce it to me? "

" of course! "Engineer Zheng likes" lectures "best, and President Xiao's request is just what he wants.

" the Chinese name of CRM is customer relationship management system. As the name suggests, the core of CRM system is the all-round management of customer data. For sales enterprises, customer data must be the lifeblood of enterprise survival, so we can regard customer database as a data center. With it, enterprises can record all kinds of activities with customers in the whole process of market and sales, track the status of all kinds of activities, and establish statistical models of all kinds of data for later analysis and decision support. "

" in order to achieve these purposes, a complete large-scale CRM system usually has the functions of market management, sales management, sales support and service, and competitor recording and analysis. That is to say, almost all data related to customers, including company, address, sales date, purchase volume, after-sales service, company system, and even his birthday and preferences, can be recorded through the CRM system. In this way, on the one hand, you can drive to the venue: Miss Fang Yiqiu, Miss Zhu Yun: +86 21 - 123, 319, so as to facilitate the secondary sales or after-sales service to customers in the future; On the other hand, summarizing the data of various customers will also facilitate the development of your company's business in the future. "Engineer Zheng said.

" through the CRM system, we can also realize the management of orders and contracts, record a variety of transaction forms, and then it is possible to transition to guiding market consumption, including the establishment, change, query and other functions of orders and contracts. When there is a demand, these can be searched in the CRM system according to customers, products and other forms. In addition, generally, medium and large CRM systems also provide sales, mobile sales, online sales and other forms of sales. In each sales form, real-time order price, confirmed quantity and transaction security are considered. "

" in addition to the functions for customers, CRM system can also record the basic information of competitors' enterprises, company background, development status, competitive strategy, as well as the performance, price and other factors of similar products. These functions will play a vital role in the competition of sales enterprises in a commercial society. "Engineer Zheng added.

look at the selection: system integration is the key

" at present, there are not a few manufacturers operating CRM products in the market, and there are many kinds of CRM products. For a large enterprise like Lao Xiao, the internal management system has been relatively sound, and there has been a back-end management system such as ERP. In addition, the daily business volume is relatively large and the regions are scattered, so I suggest that you can choose some suitable medium-sized CRM systems. "Engineer Zheng analyzed the company of President Xiao.

" how? Is there any connection between CRM and ERP? "Mr. Xiao asked.

" in fact, the functional composition of a complete CRM integrated system should not exist independently. It must be closely related to the supply chain management at the back end of the enterprise, so as to ensure that every order in the CRM system can be effectively and timely confirmed and implemented on the premise of ensuring profits. For enterprises with complete information management process, the completion of each sales transaction depends on the support platform of the enterprise background, and this support platform, for Lao Xiao's enterprises, is also called ERP system. The functions of ERP, including distribution and transportation management, production and service planning, credit and risk control, cost and profit analysis, are closely related to CRM. "Engineer Zheng explained.

" what kind of CRM system can be suitable for our enterprise now? "Mr. Xiao can't wait to ask.

" in fact, there are many CRM systems that can meet your needs in the market, such as Siebel CRM of Oracle company, mySAP CRM of SAP company and dynamics CRM of Microsoft company are the most mainstream ERP products in the market. The problems in the sales and service links you just mentioned can be properly solved with these CRM products. But the specific product to choose depends on your actual situation, because on the one hand, you already have ERP systems. Although these mainstream CRM systems can be connected with ERP of different manufacturers, it still needs to be practical to see which one can be more suitable after connection; In addition, your company is a foreign enterprise, and it is likely that the foreign headquarters have used the CRM system, so it is best to choose products of the same brand, so as to ensure the smooth communication with foreign data. "Engineer Zheng explained the selection method of ERP products to President Xiao in detail.

talking about products: there are many choices in the market.

I heard that CRM can play a role in the sales management of enterprises

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