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How do small and medium-sized enterprises do well in e-commerce?

facing the rapid development of Internet and the increasingly mature e-commerce environment. Small and medium-sized enterprises focus on the pulse of e-commerce, which is equivalent to winning the first opportunity. If they can't keep up with the pace of e-commerce, it is equivalent to burying a huge crisis for their own enterprises. The average life span of small and medium-sized enterprises in China is 5.9 years, and only 2.9 years in Zhongguancun, Beijing. Facing the situation of domestic enterprises, the demand for information is more important. The development of e-commerce and the demand for network marketing have become the top priority for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

however, how to plan and carry out effective network marketing has almost become a difficult problem for small and medium-sized enterprises. From many investigations, the factors that cause the normal operation of network marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises lie in the lack of information, management bottlenecks, low level of e-commerce, imperfect marketing channels and so on. There are enterprises committed to the operation of e-commerce, so network effect marketing has become so important. The traditional marketing mix has been able to meet the needs of enterprise development. The emergence of Internet is changing the way we sell products and provide various services

network has created a group of network marketing experts. Mr. Ma Yun deserves to be the initiator of this major, followed by network marketing experts such as Su Yi. Network marketing is a low input and accurate network marketing activity based on the needs of target customers and the integration of various network resources of the enterprise

let's review the successful examples in the past, such as the case of red child. The main appeal points are determined as advertising pictures + special offers + promotional products + installment prices. Using the characteristics of Internet advertising to stimulate consumer eyeballs, we highlight goods from the form of pictures, advertising design and advertising forms, emphasizing brand numbers, and low prices. The advertising has achieved the expected purpose. Of course, this process is far from as simple as the above. We have to choose media resources and promotion channels more carefully. When the cost budget is activated, it will reflect infrared light in different paths; The cost reduction scheme with higher requirements on the switch can be achieved by changing the humidity or applying acetic acid vapor

for another example, VANCL VANCL is a classic e-commerce network marketing case. The excellent marketing in 2008 cannot be separated from the sincere cooperation of Longtop interaction. Through network marketing and the listing of VANCL's new brand, Longtop interaction has painstakingly built a set of network promotion strategies with ROI as the core to adapt to the development stage of VANCL, making vacnl rise rapidly among B2C competitors in the same industry; Through a series of interactive advertisements with clear selling points and exquisite production with the continuous development of science and technology, vacnl has synchronously improved its product sales and brand image. In just one year, longtuo and VANCL created a new B2C myth side by side. The primary principle of its media selection is to comply with VANCL's overall marketing strategy, that is, to open the market and make profits in the shortest time. Portal, vertical, community and CPS alliance take ROI as the assessment standard, the survival of the fittest. After the media testing period and screening period, they finally reach the mature and stable period, and customize a set of media strategies that fully comply with the overall marketing of VANCL

the case mentioned above shows that e-commerce marketing is not simply building websites and advertising on the Internet, but a series of marketing operations with plans, strategies, budgets and effect analysis. The effect of enterprise network marketing is not brought by a single promotion product, but by integrating enterprise and Internet information resources, so as to carry out targeted network marketing promotion, so as to achieve the business purpose of low cost and high return. From the case, we can see that if Longtop interactive does not have some excellent skills and good promotion schemes for e-commerce marketing, its integrated promotion VANCL will not create a B2C network sales myth in just half a year. From many successful cases, we can see that longtuo interactive has absolute strength advantages in e-commerce customer marketing, such as resources, technology, creativity and so on, and carries out customer management with a unique side; Su Yi believes that many enterprises have realized the value of e-commerce as a new terminal and new interface for enterprises to sell, but how to use e-commerce to reduce the cost of traditional channels and terminals, and then realize e-commerce marketing? In his view, traditional enterprises must, or even only need to, complete three core tasks to realize e-commerce marketing: first, the construction of e-commerce stations and the planning of shopping malls; Second, brand promotion and advertising; Third, customer management and sales organization. This is also the core task that the author agrees that enterprises cannot lack

how to network marketing for traditional enterprises, that is, expand the industry in which the enterprise is located and the existing resources of the enterprise itself to the Internet industry, integrate and provide product sales, take personalized marketing as the purpose of solutions, fill in the changes generated by domestic and foreign economic models, and solve the problems of information flow, capital flow, logistics and so on for traditional industries at a lower cost. It is difficult to provide overall service solutions based on the business model alone, which will lead to the emergence of professional marketing companies. Because of its low cost and high income, network marketing has attracted the participation of many businesses and created the prosperity of Internet e-commerce! Why don't we join the tide of e-commerce marketing

indirect benefits refer to those benefits that are not easy to be specifically quantified. Relatively speaking, these benefits are not so direct and obvious. The indirect benefits brought by e-commerce to small and medium-sized enterprises are mainly reflected in the following aspects

(1) improve the management efficiency and service level of enterprises So as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

(2) expand business scope and scale, so as to achieve economies of scale. According to statistics, this indirect benefit can reach 3% - 5% of its total trade volume

(3) strengthen the communication with customers, so as to expand the market scale and obtain greater economic benefits. According to statistics, this indirect benefit can increase the market share of enterprises by about 15%

(4) improve the comprehensive quality of enterprise employees, so as to promote the improvement of enterprise service quality and level

(5) obtain the recognition of society and traders with advanced trading mode and management mode, so as to improve social and economic benefits

some benefits brought by e-commerce to enterprises are sometimes temporarily invisible, but there are subtle effects and strong staying power, which is potential benefits. For example, developing e-commerce can gradually turn the traditional business philosophy and business model of enterprises to advanced and scientific business philosophy and business model; It can change the traditional business structure mode and make it more suitable for the environment of network economy; It can enable enterprises to carry out the operation and work structure in line with the characteristics of e-commerce in the way of team cooperation, directly connect with the market, and weigh the organizational situation of this industrial chain with the final effect of the market; It can improve the enterprise culture, improve the knowledge level and comprehensive quality of employees, and so on. Potential benefits are of great significance to the competitiveness, long-term goals and long-term interests of small and medium-sized enterprises

Mr. Feng Zhiliang, the famous network planner, the founder of brand connect and the executive director of yitianheng, once clearly pointed out in the blue ocean view that advertising makes browsers passively remember, and its value lies in the residual information left in the brain through multiple visual and auditory shocks of various media, so as to accumulate sensory images in people's consciousness. The reason why this passive memory can be incompletely excluded and remembered by people is that it has three elements at the same time, namely, sound, graphics and text, and plot, which are indispensable. However, expensive image advertising on the Internet is difficult to have these three points at the same time, so its actual publicity value is not proportional to its price, or even worthless publicity. It is a result of long-term self hype in the industry and a fork in the road of network marketing. The reason why businesses still recognize this way of publicity and invest a lot of money is that Chinese people are still ignorant of the value of Internet publicity, which does not explain its true value. China's Internet development still needs a long evolution process. When the main profit model of most stations is based on the above transactions (e-commerce platforms), that is a qualitative leap

the above points are about the analysis of indirect and potential benefits of enterprise e-commerce

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