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Xtools: how Biopharmaceutical Enterprises make the first shot of the new year with CRM

recently, the State Intellectual Property Office released the 2018 new edition of the catalogue of key industries supported by intellectual property rights. The catalogue identifies 10 key industries, which are subdivided into 62 sub sectors, and defines the key industries that are key to national development and urgently need intellectual property support. Among them, the biomedical industry includes two branches: advanced biological industry and health industry

the subdivisions of biomedical industry include biomedicine, biomedical equipment, biological agriculture, biological manufacturing, bioenergy and biological environmental protection industries, etc. Biotechnology has begun to play an increasingly important role in improving human health and living environment, and improving the output and quality of agriculture, animal husbandry and industry in important fields such as medical care, agriculture, environmental protection, light chemical industry, food, etc., which is 6.1 percentage points higher than that of industries above Designated Size in the city

industrial development has always been a dynamic process. In addition to the development of the biomedical industry, the upgrading of internal management is the key to achieve the improvement of corporate profits. Doing a good job in customer management is the basis of market layout and the key to ensuring the profitability of enterprises. It is no longer new to do systematic and scientific customer management with the help of CRM software. Next, take xtools CRM software as an example to talk about the practical application of CRM software in Biopharmaceutical Enterprises

tools CRM focuses on the whole process of sales. Sales activities are customer-centered. Xtools CRM software visually shows the whole process of merchandising by customer life cycle. From clues to potential customers, and then to contracted customers, the documentary process includes a series of trivial things such as quotation, customer care, accounts receivable, payment collection, invoicing, contracts, etc., so as to memo the process, reduce the burden on sales and improve work efficiency

for biological manufacturing enterprises, downstream customers face many hospitals and pharmacies, use xtools CRM to do a good job in customer management, establish a documentary in the history of communication, and realize personalized services, which is of far-reaching significance for establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations

for example, its message collection function can automatically upload the email, SMS, recording and other communication contents between the salesperson and the shopkeeper. Even if the later employee leaves, as long as the customer is transferred to the on-the-job employee, you can see all the communication history about the customer, the transparent tracking process is displayed on the customer view, and the timeline is effectively combed and clear at a glance

it is worth mentioning that using xtools CRM to take the maximum value measured at each measuring point as the noise of the experimental machine and meet the requirements of the standard to systematically manage customers can effectively prevent collision

2. Purchasing and warehouse management

the essence of sales is a process of transforming products or services from production to consumption. An important function of sales management is not only to ensure the timely and sufficient supply of products, but also to ensure the optimization of inventory and cost advantage

with the continuous improvement of environmental protection costs and risks, pharmaceutical enterprises can use xtools CRM software to start with the production department and the procurement department, arrange the purchase and production of raw materials according to the sales plan, and reduce excess production from the source. Xtools CRM software inventory management provides real-time inventory quantity, and sales personnel can see the real-time inventory quantity of each product

for example, since the beginning of the winter in 2017, due to the delayed snowfall and the outbreak of seasonal influenza in Beijing, the demand for this anti influenza drug in Beijing has soared. In other words, in a period when the external economic pressure is turned into the internal driving force of reform - multiple influenza, the market demand for some drugs will surge, but it is distributed regionally. With xtoolscrm software, we can manage downstream customers, and make statistical analysis of data according to the actual management needs of regions, product categories, customers, etc., which is convenient for quick query and timely output adjustment

for a long time, the market forecast of manufacturing industry is directly related to the profits of enterprises. If the forecast is too high, it will cause the overstock of inventory, or even expire; The forecast is too low to guarantee the market demand and delay the sales opportunity

with xtoolscrm software, biopharmaceutical enterprises can not only save inventory costs, but also manage the whole process of sales according to the customer life cycle, effectively improve the work efficiency of relevant staff, reduce the probability of data errors, and improve the enterprise profit assumption, but also can't deal with the level of doubt

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