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How does Lansi technology layout the 10 billion market of 3D glass?

after about five years of rapid development, the penetration rate has reached more than 90%; Unless there is a major breakthrough, the innovation of intelligence in the next few years is mainly reflected in micro innovative design. Influenced by the flexible display application of AMOLED and the wireless charging demand of intelligent terminals, the breakthrough of flexible transformation and natural signal penetration in recent years have made glass materials landing in consumer electronics again. The design scheme of front 3D curved glass and glass body is expected to become the mainstream in the future

based on the annual production capacity of 27million pieces of lansys 3D glass corresponding to the equipment purchase price of 1.4 billion yuan, the equipment end market in the future will have a demand potential of more than 10 billion yuan in two years. Let's see how lansys technology, one of the major 3D glass processors, is laid out

lansys' five-year layout of 3D glass. In 2017, the power batteries were mainly 3 yuan 111 and 523 glasses, and the shipment volume was ahead in March this year.

lansys' layout of 3D curved glass was developed as early as five years ago. At present, the process maturity is in the leading position in the industry, and the production capacity is more than 27 million pieces/year. At present, lansys technology and Bourne optics account for more than 95% of the 3D curved glass market share, and lansys technology jumped to the lead in 3D glass shipments by changing the size of the input signal in March 2016

Lansi technology is the most direct beneficiary of the curved glass wave. With the advantages of leading the industry in terms of procurement and yield of medium and high-end customers, as well as quite high barriers to entry; At the same time, with a large number of leading and second-largest customer models in the future, lansys' production capacity can be quickly released, seize more than 50% of the new market share, and bring rich performance returns. Recently, we have continued to track the company and believe that in this round of upgrading of window protective glass covers, lansys technology has the highest degree of benefit and the strongest certainty, and is a high-quality enterprise with explosive growth in performance in the coming years

lansys sapphire production workshop

taking into account sapphire and ceramic materials, it is expected to enter the higher-end market

in addition to glass, lansys also has great potential in sapphire cover plates and ceramic materials. The whole industrial chain of sapphire long crystal equipment, long crystal preparation and post processing of the company has been formed, and the small-size sapphire cover plate is in short supply. In addition, the large-scale application of sapphire is also a potential performance explosion point in the future. The sapphire processing technology exclusively mastered by lance technology can pass the drop test, and the large-scale market capacity in the future will exceed US $6billion

Lansi technology also invested 500million yuan in the ceramic panel production base: Lansi Hualian subsidiary, jointly established with Hualian ceramics, is engaged in the research and development and production of special ceramic new materials. Ceramic chips with high temperature resistance, ultra wear resistance and biometric affinity characteristics can be widely used in intelligent terminals and electric vehicles, entering the huge market of new electronic materials

in the next two years, 3D glass may break out in the equipment end market with a demand of 10 billion

the whole industry chain deserves attention. In addition, we believe that with the tight production capacity of 3D glass processing, its supply chain deserves attention. Upstream raw materials such as polishing powder and ink still rely on imports from Japan and the United States, while CNC engraving machines, flat mills and hot bending machines are expected to be replaced by domestic products in the future due to relatively low technical barriers and relatively mature domestic development. It is estimated that the annual production capacity of 27 million pieces of Lansi technology corresponds to 1.4 billion yuan of equipment purchase money. In the future, the equipment end jjg1136 ⑵ 017 will have a demand potential of more than 10 billion yuan in two years according to the type of experimental machine market

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