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How do we face the industrial revolution in the field of paper packaging

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core tip: Recently, industry 4.0 is a hot word, and it is fashionable to use 4.0 for a time. But what is 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0? We don't know much about it. What time is the paper packaging industry in? Under the new normal, how we will face it is a very real problem

[China Packaging News] recently, industry 4.0 is a hot word. For a time, 4.0 is fashionable, and it must be said. But what is 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0? We don't know much about it. What time is the paper packaging industry in? Under the new normal, how we will face it is a very real problem

looking back on history, the world has three industrial revolutions. In the first industrial revolution, the new bourgeoisie urgently needed to improve production efficiency and turn the land into ranches and farms through violence, so as to expand production and make profits. The first industrial revolution brought mankind from handicraft production into the era of large machine production

the way is: from the invention of the enclosure movement steam engine to the production of large machines

the second industrial revolution, the rapid development of industry, the first industrial revolution brought a shortage of raw materials, products in urgent need of market development, so the powerful countries set off a frenzy of global partition, colonization and plunder. Through looting, we can obtain raw materials and expand production. New scientific and technological inventions came into being, and the use of electricity marked the beginning of the second industrial revolution

the way is to plunder electricity from colonization and invent streamlined production

the third industrial revolution, through the last two industrial revolutions, created great wealth for mankind and brought great disasters, which greatly stimulated the development of science and technology relying on existing industrial advantages. Represented by the invention and application of computers, mankind has entered the information age and realized standardized production

the way is to compete against the standardized production of information technology, biotechnology and aviation nuclear energy

from large machine production to streamlined production and then to standardized production, what kind of production mode is our paper packaging industry in? In my opinion, three production modes coexist in China's paper packaging products industry in different regions and different enterprises. This is determined by industry entry, development mode, upstream and downstream industrial chain integration and other factors. The paper packaging industry is highly dependent, with no upstream and no rice in the pot; There is no downstream, and production stops. However, this industry is a special group with huge investment and low income. In today's economic situation, enterprises are facing low profits, losses and bankruptcy if they are careless. Over the years, we have talked about transformation and upgrading every day. How to change? No one can come up with a standard answer

in May, we went to Henan for a survey. In the enterprises we visited, we saw some new things that are worth remembering

in Henan Yuanhang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., we had a long-term exchange with chairman Guo zhenkui. Talking about the current development situation of machinery and equipment, he said that in the early days of the founding of Yuanhang, he took the road of simple manufacturing, and the products were of high quality; Five years later, we took a road to catch up with and surpass the brand and made our own characteristic products; Now he is thinking that products must meet the requirements of energy conservation and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, and take the innovation road of automation and informatization. Only in this way can the manufacturing industry be revitalized and excellent equipment be provided for paper packaging enterprises. In the workshop, we focused on the innovative part of Yuanhang, the single-sided machine with two or three groups of corrugated rollers exchanged, in order to solve the problem of replacing corrugated rollers in the production of cartons. In Yuanhang's own Far East carton factory, we saw several generations of corrugated board production lines made by Yuanhang, and the double roll and three roll corrugated board lines were running in production, showing the process of innovation in the development of Yuanhang. Judging from the history of corrugated board production for more than 160 years, there is no satisfactory innovation in the design principle, process, unit, single machine, and even parts of the corrugated line; The preheater has been round for more than 100 years and is a major steam consumer. In view of the accelerated process of environmental protection and energy conservation, guozhenkui led Yuanhang people to take the lead in manufacturing the arc preheater, breaking the traditional mode, saving raw materials and saving a lot of production costs for the carton factory. We believe that these two innovations are transformation and upgrading. Last year, the per capita output value of the Far East carton factory reached 1million yuan. What is industry 4.0. I think the purpose of 4.0 is to enhance enterprise efficiency and social benefits, not words. We practice the Chinese dream according to our beautiful dreams, rather than indulging in them all day long

the paper packaging industry in Henan has developed rapidly in recent years. According to the statistical data of 2013, Henan's corrugated box production has exceeded that of Guangdong, ranking the second largest province in China with 3471973.43 tons, nearly 1000000 tons higher than that of Guangdong, 2487661.98 tons, thanks to the adjustment of China's industrial layout; Benefit from the development of regional economy; It also benefits from the improvement of the overall quality and concept innovation of Henan paper packaging industry

there is a carton factory in Zhengzhou called xindoucai. It's refreshing to visit their factory. There is no tall and elegant office here. The simple office is located in a simple and practical plant. The embellishment of corporate culture shows the vitality of the enterprise more accurately. People are working in an orderly manner. Managers are in the front line. What they think carefully is how to reduce costs and increase benefits, including the purchase of equipment, is also based on saving manpower and reducing consumption. For expanding production capacity, they calmly say: let the market decide, This makes us respectful. Their dreams don't need luxury, but steadiness is the duty of the manufacturing industry. In a corner of the office, I saw several exquisite packaging products, which people couldn't put down. Seeing this, chairman Rong Yuan said with a smile that he would take us to a tall and fashionable place in the company. When we got to the city center, we saw a factory that had experienced vicissitudes. It was a flour mill in the 1930s and had been idle for years. Xindoucai spent a lot of money to buy this building and dozens of acres of land in the surrounding factory. They took the packaging as an opportunity to build a packaging culture industrial park here. Entering Oufeng's building, we saw their carefully restored and protected historical original appearance. On the first floor, a group of young designers and artists are engaged in creative creation, and the second to fourth floors have their own characteristics. Sitting in the room more than 100 years ago, sitting in front of the tables and chairs of the historical originals, we can't help but sigh, what kind of young people this is! They are not like entrepreneurs, they are like a group of children chasing dreams. The Chinese dream is realized in their generation

among the many carton enterprises in Henan, there is a factory called Maiwei packaging in Mengzhou. Zhufuquan, the general manager, is a Jiangxi native who came to Henan from far away Jiangxi to invest and set up a factory. He admitted that what he came to Henan to see was the market, the region, the human environment, the circle of friends, and the prospect of Henan's economic development, which prompted them to take root here. The factory has been built for more than a year, and its output value has also reached more than 150million yuan. This is a typical carton factory. At first glance, it is not much different from other similar scale factories, but insiders focus on their informatization combination of equipment and the connection of their production processes. They surround Zhu to explain the details. Here we see that traditional industries have begun the transformation and upgrading step imperceptibly, and the attention of the whole industry has begun to shift strategically

in Xinxiang Chenglin Packaging Co., Ltd., I was privileged to visit their latest completed project: in a spacious and quiet workshop, we saw the world's most advanced corrugated box production system. There are only three staff members sitting in the control room of the whole production system. The production line is intelligent, and the products enter the warehouse automatically. No one operates the products in and out of the warehouse. They are old friends with Chairman Zhang Wenxin and general manager Zhang Lijuan. They have realized their dreams in such a short time and created the first place in the industry. Let us be proud of our industry development process. I have had the opportunity to see many carton factories in developed countries, and there are few enterprises like Cheng Lin. Some people say that this is e) on a solid basis, the car is not only a tool, but also the installation of 4.0. Some people say that it is top-notch. I think any vocabulary is just a symbol. What enterprises want is efficiency and down-to-earth development. Becoming a century old enterprise is our dream

at present and in the future, the world economic environment is relatively complex. The paper packaging industry is also experiencing the most difficult period. The central government and the government have put forward a series of revitalization plans to revitalize China's economic transformation and upgrading. A series of policies and measures, such as the the Belt and Road, interconnection +, industry 4.0, are two 100 year plans that need to be implemented step by step. For our traditional industry of paper packaging, every entrepreneur should review the history, correctly judge the situation of his enterprise, and carefully choose the future development direction. From the perspective of the above four enterprises, they have taken their own distinctive paths and are all practicing the Chinese dream. Personally, I believe that entity enterprises should not be a bit false, and the past benefits are difficult to return. The government is not a nanny, the bank is not a cash box, the upstream is not a philanthropist, the downstream is not a circle of friends, and friends are difficult to send carbon in the cold. In the risks and opportunities, it depends on the choice of entrepreneurs and the strength of enterprises. We should avoid the one size fits all economic model and go our own way in the transformation and upgrading. As industry 4.0, it is not a matter of an enterprise or an industry. If the industrial chain cannot be integrated and can not jointly realize 4.0, then an enterprise's 4.0 can only be internal 4.0. We should open our minds and broaden our horizons

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