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digital printing is a printing technology that uses digital information instead of traditional analog information to directly transfer digital image information to the substrate

we generally divide digital printing into in-machine imaging printing (ctpress, or DI) and variable image digital presses

in machine imaging printing: it is to take the plate making process directly to the printing machine. If it is not completed on the integrated brushing machine, the intermediate steps (plate making, film production, plate printing, plate loading) are omitted. It is a direct process from the computer to the printing machine

Heidelberg's Di

it is recognized that the first di printer is Heidelberg gto-di. It uses laser ablation technology to remove the silicon layer of the image and text part to obtain the inkphile layer (this process is directly completed on the printer). After one printing, the machine is involved in the waste version and rolled out the new version at the same time through two "version rolls" placed inside the roller. It is a water free offset press

man Roland's DICO web

DICO web (the so-called DICO is the abbreviation of digital change over in English) also belongs to this kind of printing machine. It is a reusable device for the plate cylinder launched by Roland company at the drupa 2000 exhibition. This technology is known as a revolution in the printing field. It uses a laser induction thermal imaging head to transfer the pigment on the "pigment conveyor belt" to form figure 2 on the plate cylinder Requirements for fixture materials (ink affinity layer). After one printing, the graphic part can be cleaned, and then the next imaging and printing (the process can be repeated about 200 times, and then replaced with a new seamless copper sleeve)

in addition, Agfa is also testing a non developing coating used in the thermal laser imaging process, and the blank part is removed by the ink path

because in machine imaging printing technology saves many intermediate steps, it also reduces many unnecessary losses in the process of information transmission. It can complete the reproduction of images and words more accurately than the traditional analog printing form, and there is no need to replace the printing plate or calibrate the plate in the operation, which greatly accelerates the speed of replacing the printing operation and improves the work efficiency (especially in short version printing)

variable data printing: variable data printing refers to the continuous printing process that requires changing the graphics and text of printed matter (that is, the so-called data) without stopping the printing machine, that is, different graphics and text of printed matter can be printed continuously under the premise of uninterrupted printing process


electrophotographic technology, which was mainly used for copying in the past, has been widely used in the printing field. Let's briefly explain the working principle of this kind of printing machine by introducing several technically representative digital printing machine brands:


it provides the core part of printing for Agfa's Chromapress, IBM's infocolor, Xerox's docucolor, dilpeter's DL 3300 and MAN Roland's DICO series digital printing machines. Its basic principle is to use light-emitting diodes to form a latent image on the charged photoconductive drum, And make the toner adsorb on the printing plate, then transfer it to the paper, and finally apply a high temperature of 140 ℃ to the paper to melt the toner, so that the toner is fixed on the paper. This process is somewhat similar to the traditional copier


compared with other types of variable data printers, indigo digital printer is more like an offset press, because it indirectly transfers the ink on the printing plate to the paper with the help of rubber drum

it is characterized by the use of a unique electronic ink and 100% ink transfer in the printing process. For this reason, it can print multicolor prints with only one photoconductive drum (somewhat similar to the traditional plate cylinder) (that is, the first color of the same paper on the machine is black, and then blue, which is a continuous process). Publisher 8000 launched by them is known as the world's highest performance digital printing machine

indigo has been acquired by HP due to many reasons such as sales, so the brand we can see in the market now should be "HP followed by Indigo in the field of cathode materials"

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