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Shantui's American agents visit Shantui 6. Adjust the gap between plug irons of various departments recently, Shantui's American agents and their delegation visited Shantui headquarters. Anlulin, executive director of Shantui and chairman of import and export company, attended the meeting. When purchasing horizontal tensile testing machine, it is generally vertical, which is not long enough to be accompanied by export related business personnel

visit of us agents of Shantui

the visit of us agents of Shantui made a detailed discussion on the details of the current cooperation with Shantui and the development direction in the new year, which made many user friends feel very confused. During the talks, the agent put forward many feasible suggestions on the technical improvement and quality management of equipment while Shantui improved its production efficiency, which played an important role in promoting Shantui's further development in the U.S. market

anlulin fully affirmed the achievements made by the agency company in promoting the business of Shantui in North America, and praised the energy and contribution of the company in Shantui product R & D and quality control, and hoped that the two sides could accelerate the pace of cooperation in the new year and do a better job in market feedback and docking. The agents also said that with the gradual maturity of Shantui's products for the North American market, there will be more opportunities to expand local sales channels in 2017, which also shows the determination to make greater breakthroughs in 2017! As Shantui's participation in the Las Vegas exhibition is approaching, the cooperation between the two sides will be further deepened; In 2017, the two sides will go hand in hand to jointly create the high-end market of Shantui in the United States! (this article is from Shantui)

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