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Affected by the rise of international rubber prices, the price of some automobile tires in Changsha has risen. According to the news of Changsha on July 19, after receiving the news of Changsha tire price increase from the audience on July 19, an investigation was conducted on the price situation of Changsha tire market. It was found that affected by the recent rise of international rubber prices, the price of some automobile tires in Changsha market has also followed the "dancing with the wind"

19 in the morning, Mr. Wu, a taxi driver from Changsha, reported to me that the price of FAW Jetta 185 tire had risen, but I don't know the specific increase. "It used to be 310 yuan. If the tire price rises, it will certainly increase our burden."

I learned from the interview at the FAW Volkswagen 4S store in Huayang building materials City, Changsha that there are three types of Jetta 185 tires with different positioning and prices. The cheaper Jinhu tires are 329 yuan, Hantai tires are 364 yuan, and Goodyear Tires are 364 yuan. The prices of these three products are higher than the 310 yuan mentioned by Master Wu

I learned from the interview that the prices of automobile tires in some departments have not changed yet. In several 4S stores near Huayang building materials City, such as GM Wuling and Dongfeng Citroen, dealers said that the two brands of tires have not received the notice of price adjustment, but the possibility of price adjustment in the later period cannot be ruled out. Wuling Dealer Manager Wu said: "in June and July, the price did not rise. While the technology improved the performance of packaging products, the price of model 155 was 323 yuan, that of model 165 was 361 yuan, and that of model 175 was 442 yuan."

why does the price of automobile tires rise partially? Manager Gong, an automobile maintenance shop located in Furong square, Changsha, told us that at the beginning of the year, the state specially emphasized that it was forbidden to use scrap tires as raw materials to produce new tires, which caused some manufacturers to purchase a large amount of natural rubber for tire production. Recently, the price of natural rubber imported from Southeast Asia is rising, resulting in the cost of tire production exceeding nearly 40%, This also means that tire prices will rise. "Now the rubber of tyres can not be refined again. The price of tyres has increased by about 40%. For ordinary Santana and Jetta, the previous price was about 300 yuan, but now it is at least 378 yuan, sometimes even 400 yuan. The price of high-end Mercedes Benz and BMW tyres has also been raised nearly fourorfive times.

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