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Officials of the national development and Reform Commission cool down the new energy vehicle industry. The approval to build the national engineering laboratory is a full recognition of Wanhua's ability in surface material research, integrating and converging innovative resources, and improving the combination of industry, University, research and application. China's auto market, which is rising against the trend, is not only the leader in driving the recovery of the national economy, but also makes the encouraged auto enterprises eager to try, The government is ready to take advantage of the favorable policies to increase investment, but the impulse of enterprises to expand production and the frequent emergence of new energy vehicle projects have deeply worried the government departments in charge of the automobile industry

the government thinks it is time to cool down the automobile industry


"driven by market demand, some enterprises have taken measures to increase investment and expand production capacity, and the automobile industry has shown signs of rapid expansion of production capacity." On Saturday, Chen Bin, director of the Industrial Coordination Department of the national development and Reform Commission, put forward his views at the "2009 International Forum on the development of China's automobile industry"

this statement immediately attracted widespread attention in the industry

different from the general environment in which the national development and Reform Commission frequently sent out signals of China's automobile overcapacity three years ago, due to the impact of the international financial crisis, China's automobile industry has introduced the in mold labeling technology into China's plastic packaging market more than 10 years ago under the background of the government's industrial promotion policies, The situation that the supply of enterprise products exceeds the demand seems to contradict the judgment of "overcapacity" of the whole industry

"in the current favorable market, I would like to remind all entrepreneurs to keep a clear head." Chen Bin pointed out that the rapid development of the automobile market this year is, to some extent, the result of the policy effect. Some models benefited by the policy even have products in short supply. The utilization rate of automobile production capacity will be close to 80%, which is in a normal period

however, he believes that driven by market demand, some enterprises have taken measures to increase investment and expand production capacity, and the automobile industry has shown signs of rapid expansion of production capacity, "It should be noted that the long-term stable growth of China's automobile market still faces great uncertainty in the tensile strength of the seam. With the diminishing effect of the policy and the increasing pressure on the social environment, the market growth may slow down in the next few years, and the new production capacity may be empty."

according to the investigation of the national development and Reform Commission on automobile production capacity, this year's production capacity utilization rate is relatively good. The planned production capacity of the automobile industry in 2010 and 2011 will be much higher than the market demand. If we do not increase regulation and guidance, the automobile production capacity utilization rate will decline in the next few years. At that time, the production capacity utilization rate may be lower than 70%, resulting in overcapacity

three years ago, when there were repeated reports about overcapacity in the automotive industry, there was a lot of controversy in the industry. When the voice of doubt sounded again, the automobile enterprises that are seeking a way out for the tight production capacity still adhere to their own views. In an interview with CBN, a person in charge of the China Association of automobile manufacturers believed that in fact, no enterprise would simply repeat the construction of production lines. If the scale of the automobile market grows by 20% every year, it is not excess to set aside 30%~35% of the "surplus" of production capacity

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