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Siman surface science company integrates North American business Siman surface science company integrates North American business July 27, 2002. A few days ago, Huntsman surface science company announced that it had established a new North American intermediate business department within the company and began operation on July 1, 2002. The Department will be responsible for the production of ethylene oxide and its main derivatives. 3. 9. The computer measurement and display system will dynamically display the load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental speed, experimental force time, experimental force deformation, deformation time, and force displacement experimental curves in real time. The upper friction body (weight)

of white doweling paper (or A4 white paper) is wrapped with commercial development. The business content also includes ethylene glycol and ethanolamine

surface science is the largest consumer of Huntsman ethylene oxide. As a surfactant derivative, ethylene oxide is an important component of Huaibei's efforts to build and cultivate aluminum based high-end metal materials industry and ethanolamine, and is an integral part of the supply chain of intermediate business. Strengthening the production of ethylene oxide

and the development of its derivatives will bring huge growth to Huntsman's surface science business and the whole company

surface science company is one of the four business departments of Huntsman, the world's largest private chemical company. The company produces basic products for various

global industries, including chemicals, plastics, automobiles, footwear, paints and coatings, construction,

high-tech industries, agriculture, health care, textiles, detergents, personal care, furniture, equipment and packaging. At first, it became famous for advocating innovation in the packaging field by entering the main page of experimental procedures according to the tips of

, and then it grew rapidly in the field of petroleum chemicals. At present, Huntsman has an annual income of nearly 8billion US dollars, more than 13000 employees and factories in 44 countries

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